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Nanairogaoka Private School.
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Nanairogaoka Private School
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Nanairogaoka Private School (Fully translated as Rainbow Hills Private School) is the school that the main Cures of Candy Crystal Precure Go! attend. It is located in Rainbow Hills


After many years of success, Nanairogaoka Middle school finally became a private school for all ages. As of now, they have extended the school further with more courtyards, classrooms, and sports grounds.


Cheerleading Club

Girl's volleyball Club

Art Club

Language Club

Ballet Club


Clothing requirements

During class, all students are required to wear the school uniform. However, they can put whatever they want on top of it. (Such as jackets, vests, etc...) When on field trips, they have to wear special pins that can track where they go so they don't get lost. In the winter if it gets realy cold, the students are required to wear fleece instead of socks; They also have to wear a custom jacket. Also, they have a pink bag for carrying school supplies.

Winter Uniform

Average weather


They wear a dark blue and white school uniform with long sleeves and a pink tie held up with a gold pin. They wear long socks that cover their calfs.

Cold weather

In cold weather, They wear a dark blue and white long sleeve school uniform with a dark blue jacket overtop. The jacket has fluff around the edges and is clipped together by a gold button. They wear fleece instead of socks.

Summer Uniform

Average weather

They wear a blue and white short sleeve school uniform with long socks that cover their calfs. They also have a pink tie held up with a gold pin.

Hot weather

In hot whether, they wear a sleeveless blue and white school uniform that has a pink tie held up by a gold pin. They wear short socks instead of long ones.


Ther outdoors shoes are simple shiny brown shoes. Their indoor shoes are white slip-on shoes with blue at the tips.

NOTICE: this information is only for the girl's uniforms.

Known Students

Paige Fujiko

Tora Narumi

Raiko Sakura

Raiko Yuzana

Unice Dubois

Known Teachers




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