Namida (涙 Namida) are the main monsters in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. They are created when a commander summons a bell and jingles it around, creating horrible music, and causing the chosen living thing to change into a Namida.


Namidas are bipedal and have a large black music note on the top of its head. Their actual bodies take on an appearance related to the victim's idol talent.

List of Namida



Image   Idol Talent   Summoned by   Defeated with   Origin  


TBA Modelling Antaeus Harmony Hurricane Mizuno Asami
ISPC02 TBA Acting Antaeus Serenade Echo Director of "Pearl Detective"
ISPC03 TBA Dancing Circe Operetta Suite Yumesaki Academy student
ISPC04 TBA Modelling Circe Concert Overture Nakamura Akiko
ISPC05 TBA Singing Sisyphus Serenade Echo Kagamine Moira
ISPC06 TBA Modelling Sisyphus Harmony Hurricane A staff member for Utau's concert
ISPC07 TBA Singing Antaeus Harmony Hurricane A fan of Utau's
ISPC08 TBA Acting Circe Serenade Echo Umino Ayumi


  • A fan's idol talent is the same as his/her favourite idol's. This is first shown in Episode 7, as a boy has the same idol talent as Aihara Utau due to her being his favourite idol.
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