This is list of Moonlight Pretty Cure Stars episodes.


1. MoonLand in trouble again. Pretty Cure once again.

2. Aiko is acting strange. Everyone is worried.

3. She is close - iko, She is close - iko! Aiko-chan waht's going on?

4. Mysterius girl, Hotaru appear.

5. Hotaru and Aiko. She is someone important.

6. The birth of Cure Shadow. Aiko's partner.

7. Akane and Nagisa's contest. Again?

8. Yurika and Hotaru - Oldest and Youngest.

9. Keiko and Sakura. I'm sometimes still worried.

10. Hotaru and her siblings. 

11. Nagisa's first love. 

12. Pretty Cure turned small?

13. Akane's unlucky day. 

14. Stuck in the world of books.

15. The strange Ice-cream shop.

16. Playing games. Let's go Pretty Cure.

17.  Sakura vs transfer student.

18. Nagisa vs Akane. The Town quiz.

19. Akane? Sakura? Where are you?

20. Where is Aiko? 

21. Cake and singing contest. 

22. Who is actually Cure Shadow? Hotaru in danger.

23. Very small thing Lisa appear. Who is she?

24. Lisa's story. Aiko want's to help.

25. Lisa, Nagisa and Akane. I have a strange feeling.