Moonbeam Mask Toss (ムーンビームマスクトス Mūnbīmu Masuku Tosu) is Cure Moonbeam's first attack in Sailor Suit Pretty Cure. Later, it is replaced by other attacks and it is used for destroying obstacles.


Cure Moonbeam takes her mask off of her face. Then she raises it in the air, causing it to glow white. She holds it back, getting ready to throw it while shouting the incantation. Then she throws the mask. It can be used with other attacks to become powerful enough to purify Form-Changers.



Cure Moonbeam:  ムーンビームマスクトス!


Cure Moonbeam: Mūnbīmu Masuku Tosu!


Cure Moonbeam: Moonbeam Mask Toss!


  • This attack is not a purification attack; in fact, it is a weakening attack.
  • The attack can be combined with other attacks to be a purification attack.
  • The attack can be used without calling the incantation.
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