Momose Aisaka
Aisaka Momose
Personal Information
Birthday Date2/14
Hair ColorDark purple (Momose)

Bright pink (Cure Romance)

Eye ColorYellow (Momose)

Bright blue (Cure Romance)

Cure Romance
Alter EgoRomance
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBlue
Theme ColorDeep pink
Anime Information
SeiyuuShun Horie

Momose Aisaka, more commonly known as Cure Romance is the main character of Radiant★PreCure.


Momose is known for his vibrant personality and boundless energy. He’s often mistaken to be a girl, as seen in the first episode where Erik, who came to Japan looking for a wife, asked him to return to his home country as the queen.


Momose spent almost all of his years in the hospital. Since he didn’t get to leave his room, he began to view love and friendship as things far beyond his reach. He now feels unworthy of being given such feelings.



Momose puts his Hope Jewel onto the place that it belongs on his Radiant Commune. His body begins to glow bright pink and his eyes change color and his pupils go from regular circles to heart shapes. He shouts "Radiant Conversion!". He grabs a small heart with both hands and it forms his arm warmers. He spins and ribbons form his top and pants. Ribbons and light begin forming some of the intricacies of his costume. He spins once more and ribbons form his boots. His hair changes color and his choker forms. He winks and the last parts of his costume form. He poses before announcing himself as "The bittersweet light of love, Cure Romance!". He poses a final time.


  • Saccharine Heartbreak: Two large lights form two halves of a heart on either side of the enemy. Romance is seen with his hands making two semi-hearts. He shouts "PreCure Saccharine Heartbreak" and joins his hands together to make a full heart. The two giant heart piecescrush the enemy in between them and then create a large explosion that launches Romance himself up into the air. Romance blows a kiss and poses in midair. He says "Nice knowin’ ya" as he lands.


  • His favorite food is chocolate.
  • His hobbies are sleeping, playing video games, and watching movies.
  • His Birthday is on Valentines Day. This is an obvious reflection of his love theme. I
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