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Mix! Pretty Cure Spark!
Mikkusu! Purikyua Supāku!
General Information
Created byUser:CureHibiki
Created onNovember, 2014
EpisodesUnknown episodes
Opening SongSaa! Pretty Cure's Spark!
Ending SongTo My Future
Series Info


SuccessorPetit Royale Pretty Cure
Mix! Pretty Cure Spark! (ミックス!プリキュアスパーク! Mikkusu! Purikyua Supāku!?) is the first season of CureHibiki's Series. The main themes of the show are space and gemstones. The show is set to "air" on June 5, 2015.


Mix! Pretty Cure Spark! episodes



Pretty Cure

  • Kouno Kokone (河野ここね Kōno Kokone?)/ Cure Pulse (キュアパルス Kyua Parusu?): Kokone is the main protagonist as well as being the leader of the series. She is a bright and laid back fourteen year old girl who is known to be quite argumentative. She is very bossy but only so things can be finished faster. She is a klutz and loves anime and manga. As Cure Pulse, her theme colour is pale pink and she uses the power of Pulsars.
  • Satou Miyako (佐藤みやこ Satō Miyako?)/ Cure Nebula (キュアネビュラ Kyua Nebyura?): Miyako is the deuteragonist along with being the brainiac of the series. She is calm and collected and is the secretary of the Student Council. She gets into a lot of arguments with Kokone and has a fascination with space and its mysteries. As Cure Nebula, her theme colour is silver and she uses the power of Nebulae.
  • Hirasaka Akari (平坂あかり Hirasaka Akari?)/ Cure Aurora (キュアオーロラ Kyua Ōrora?): Akari is the tritagonist along with being the most talented in the series. She is in the drama club and can easily get upset. She is hard working and loves making friends but is afraid of strangers. She aims to become an actress but has a fear of performing in front of a crowd. As Cure Aurora, her theme colour is bright green and she uses the power of Aurorae.
  • Cure Supernova (キュアスーパーノバ Kyua Sūpānoba ?): Cure Supernova is a mysterious Cure who fights alongside the Cures. She is kind and sweet and very helpful but not a lot is known about her. She always disappears in a blast of yellow light whenever the battle finishes.


  • Orbit (オービット Ōbitto?): Orbit is the one of the two main mascots of the show. He is cheerful and energetic who was sent to Earth with Star to find the fragments of the Galactic Stone before Infinite does.
  • Star (スター Sutā?): Star is the other main mascot of the show. She is independent and calm and collected who traveled with Orbit to Earth to find the fragments of the Galactic Stone before Infinite does.


  • Vulgaris (ブルガリス Burugarisu?): Vulgaris is the leader of Infinite who aims to have the Galactic Stone in her hands so she can end the universe.
  • Sacrer (サクラー Sakurā?): Sacrer is the first of the generals to appear who is full of pride. He can also be quite kind and during the series, he begins to believe that he was cursed and that he was forced to joined Infinite. His theme colour is red.



  • Pretty Tablet (プリティタブレット Puriti Taburetto?) - The girls transformation item (excluding Cure Supernova) that they use to transform into their Pretty Cure forms.
  • Universal Swords (ユニバーサルソードズ Yunibāsaru Sōdozu?) - The Cures weapons (excluding Cure Supernova) that they use to perform their individual or group attack.




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