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Mitsue Hokuto
満栄 ほくと
Mitsue Hokuto
Personal Information
Age14 (by Episode 18)
Hair Color Dark violet
Eye Color Dark green
Home PlaceKarayujo Town
RelativesMitsue Hoshiyo (twin sister)
Mitsue Misao (older sister)
Saiko Eri (cousin)
Anime Information
SeasonSpectrum Heart Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceEpisode 18
SeiyuuOkamoto Nobuhiko

Mitsue Hokuto (満栄 ほくと Mitsue Hokuto?) is one of the supporting characters in Spectrum Heart Pretty Cure!. He's the twin brother of Hoshiyo who comes back to Japan from England as a birthday surprise. He's part of Heiwana Academy's soccer team.








Mitsue (満栄) : Mitsu (満) means 'fullness' or 'enough' and E (栄) means 'prosperity' or 'honor'. Together, the name means 'full of honor'.[1]

Hokuto (ほくと) : alludes to the kanji 北斗 which is the Japanese for the Big Dipper constellation.[2]


Hoshiyo's voice actor, Okamoto Nobuhiko, has participated in several image songs for the character he voices. Some of them include duets with Hikasa Yōko (Hoshiyo) and Nazuka Kaori (Misao).



  • Chronologically, Hokuto is the first supporting character in Spectrum Heart! to have known the existence of Cures besides those in Harmonija and Disharmonija.


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