"I know that no matter how you guys improve me much. Thank you."
―Misaki Nanami, final episode
How do you know that was a myth, Shizu?

Nanami during episode 5 talking about Shizu bullying her over the years

Misaki Nanami
Misaki Nanami
Personal Information
Age11-12 (series)

17 (Pretty Cure form)

Birthday DateApril 2, 2007
Hair ColorOrange (normal)

Light orange (Cure)

Eye ColorBlue/black (anime/animated series)

Turquoise (Cure form)

Home PlaceNijigaoka (currently)

Sakura Town (formerly)

Relatives* Misaki Sasanoha (mother)
Cure Bliss
Alter EgoCure Bliss
Super FormSuper Cure Bliss
Hair ColorLight orange
Eye ColorPastel blue
Theme ColorTurquoise (main)

Pastel blue (sub)

Power(s)Nature, sea
Anime Information
SeasonShining Revolution! Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceSRPC01
SeiyuuAkaneya Himika (season 1)

Konomi Kohara (season 2)

Voice ActorUnknown

Misaki Nanami (三崎ななみ?) is the first cure who appears in Shining Revolution! Pretty Cure!.


Nanami has shoulder length orange hair that is worn into a ponytail. She wears a blue dress, and also bloomers. She has black eyes.

As Cure Bliss, her hair turns lighter and longer, and her eyes have changed to turquoise.


Nanami is the most mature of the group. Despite being the shortest, her form is analyzed to turn her into the oldest member of the three. She seems to be intelligent, and never shows to be strict to Mai and Tomoyo, unlikely, she is strict with Shizu, who bullied her elsewhere.


  • Nakayama Tomoyo - her friend she met with Mai. Nanami obviously makes Tomoyo mature with her other form she hides it with her, but never fails or notices Mai to show her active response.
  • Kamishiro Mai - her friend she met with Tomoyo. She likes Mai's personality, however she acts ladylike or motherly to everyone but Nanami helps it with essence.
  • Natsumikani Shizu - her former bully and rival, and currently, her crush and love interest. Nanami beats Shizu many times, because he always called her an "orange banana" and a "blue face". When Shizu regrets it in 3 chances, Nanami became his girlfriend once at a time.
  • Shizukuno Manaki - her friend. She does not matter how Manaki is buck-toothed, but she loves her carefully.
  • Shinoshita Kasumi - her current rival. She works very hard about beating Kasumi up when he confessed with Shizu to become his girlfriend. He gets very annoyed when Nanami transformed into her Super Cure form, but he regrets it already.

Cure form

The shining light and flow all around in nature, Cure Bliss!

Cure Bliss, in episode 1

Cure Bliss is Nanami's Cure form. She represents nature and water.

Super Cure Bliss is Nanami's Super Cure form. She used it in episode 45 until 50.


Super Cure


Misaki - while Mi (三) means three, and Saki (崎) means small peninsula. All together it means "three small peninsulas". It was referenced in episode 10 when her mother lets Nanami see her old family photos, and Rintarou, Manaka, and her were referred as the 3 youngest kids.

Nanami - while Na (七) means seven, and Nami (海) means sea. All together, it all meant as, "seven seas".

Her full name "Misaki Nanami" means, "three small peninsulas in seven seas", or "three small peninsulas of the seven seas".

Cure Bliss is a noun which is actually meant: "perfect happiness; great joy", and also other terms like "a state of spiritual blessedness, typically that reached after death".


  • Nanami, is the only cure who never gets nervous everyday.
  • Nanami can drink lots of water without passing out.
  • In some episodes, Manaki called her "Nana".
  • Nanami likes calm music, but always dislikes metal and other genres.


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