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Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure!: Wish Upon a Universe of Leap
映画Miracle Dreams♡プリキュア あなたの気持ちを飛躍の宇宙に
Eiga Miracle Dreams♡Purikyua!: Anata no kimochi o hiyaku no uchū ni
SeriesMiracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure!
Original ReleaseJanuary 19, 2020
DirectorEva Crystallinos

Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure!: Anata no kimochi o hiyaku no uchū ni is the Pretty Cure movie produced by Toei Animation and Eva Crystallinos. The movie was released in Japanese cinemas on January 19th, 2020.


It's time!

Let's go to the Universe of Leap♪

I am!
Let's go!
Thank you for helping!!



Pretty Cure

Milky Bloomfield / Cure Charming
A sweet character. The Cure of charms. Her theme color is pink.
Kanji Skylar / Cure Tropical
A boyish character. The Cure of the beach. Her theme color is red.
Mariel Vera / Cure House
A creative character who is a cheerleader in the Baseball Team. The Cure of hometown. Her theme color is orange.
Hanamori Maddalyn / Cure Crystal
A cold character. The Cure of gems. Her theme color is yellow.
Daisuki Singh / Cure Aurora
A tomboyish character who is energetic. The Cure of stars. Her theme color is green.
Taylor Fliss / Cure Chill
A cool character who loves surfing. The Cure of ice. Her theme color is blue.
Felicita Gonzalez / Cure Natural
A crybaby character who is a player of guitar, drum, violin and piano. The Cure of nature. Her theme color is purple.
Sanryokyo Corrine / Sparkling Cyclops
She is helping her Chimaera and it was missed and brainwashed as Intimate Eaux as she is still spying the Pretty Cures as Okurimono Moira. Her memories are restored and emotions are later developed to returned her into human. The Cure of the Light. Her theme color is indigo.

Movie Characters

  • Kisaka Mary - The Starry alien who uses the shadows during a strong body.



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