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Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure!
Series Information
Kanji Miracle Dreams♡プリキュア!
Romaji Miracle Dreams♡Purikyua!
Director Eva Crystallinos
Studio TOEI Animation
Network TV Asahi
Original Run December 1, 2019
Episodes TBA
Opening Theme Song SHINE DOWN! Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure!
Ending Theme Song Feel my Beating Heart!
Theme/Motif(s) Pop Style, Happiness, Hearts
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Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure! (Miracle Dreams♡プリキュア!?) is a fan series created by Eva Crystallinos. The season's themes are pop style, happiness and hearts.


Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure! was first trademarked on March 24th, 2019. On April 30th, 2019, the teaser website launched.


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Milky Bloomfield is a sweet girl who is friendly in her first day of the school. Until at the night, she saw a shooting star that it was attacked her when she was feeling nervous.

For the next day of her class, Milky saw a monster named Monochromelets that appears at night. Its a Sparkle Keys! Then she transforms into Cure Charming! After she transforms, she attacks a monster.


Pretty Cure

Milky Bloomfield / Cure Charming
A sweet character. The Cure of charms. Her theme color is pink.
Kanji Skylar / Cure Tropical
A boyish character. The Cure of the beach. Her theme color is red.
Mariel Vera / Cure House
A creative character who is a cheerleader in the Baseball Team. The Cure of hometown. Her theme color is orange.
Hanamori Maddalyn / Cure Crystal
A cold character. The Cure of gems. Her theme color is yellow.
Daisuki Singh / Cure Aurora
A tomboyish character who is energetic. The Cure of stars. Her theme color is green.
Taylor Fliss / Cure Chill
A cool character who loves surfing. The Cure of ice. Her theme color is blue.
Felicita Gonzalez / Cure Natural
A crybaby character who is a player of guitar, drum, violin and piano. The Cure of nature. Her theme color is purple.
Sanryokyo Corrine / Sparkling Cyclops
She is helping her Chimaera and it was missed and brainwashed as Intimate Eaux as she is still spying the Pretty Cures as Okurimono Moira. Her memories are restored and emotions are later developed to returned her into human. The Cure of the Light. Her theme color is indigo.

Dark City

Unly (ゆるい?)
The season's main antagonist.
Inkit (アンリット?)
One of the generals. He was looks sad and he can use black spray.
Diara (インキット?)
One of the generals. She was a voluminous body and the strongest general. She was not know if who she is.
Monochromelets (モノクロレット?)
The monsters of the season.

Colorful Village


Sparkle Keys (スパークルキー?)
The season's main collectible items. These keys have a star-shaped with gemstone on it. If the monster was killed, they turned into Sparkle Keys.
Miracle Pacts (奇跡の協定?)
The Cures' main transformation item. These are the pacts with a pen/brush to create something. The Cures must speak the phrase Pretty Cure! Miracle PoP! (プリキュア! ミラクルPoP!?) to start their transformation.
Prism Brush (プリズムブラシ?)
The Cures' weapon. It connects from the Sparkle Key to activate the glowing brush, it allow to paint against an enemy.


  • Pretty Cure (プリキュア?) - The girls are allow to transform into Miracle Guardians to save the Colorful Village.


Colorful Village (カラフルな村?)
The girl's hometown and the main setting of the season.
Dark City (ダークシティ?)
The antagonists' hometown.




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  • Miracle Dreams♡Pretty Cure! is so far the only series to not feature a mascot.
  • The cures are designed by Atsuiaka Nina, who made WIP chibi versions of them and Wizzy Summer, who made the backgrounds.


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Official Art/Profile


Official Desktop Wallpapers

Cure Charming

Cure Tropical

Cure House

Cure Crystal

Cure Aurora

Cure Chill

Cure Natural

Sparkling Cyclops


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