Miracle Animal Pretty Cure!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongKawaii! Miracle Animal Pretty Cure!
Ending SongNya!
Series Info
PredecessorMireille Shine Pretty Cure!
SuccessorHarmonic Beauty Pretty Cure!

Miracle Animal Pretty Cure! (ミラクルアニマルプリキュア! Mirakuru Animaru Purikyua!?) is the 53rd fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The main series motifs are animals.


Meet Hoshikawa Kiyomi, an ordinary 14-year old girl who loves animals and fairy tales. One day, at school, Kiyomi meets Hanazono Kiku, a new transfer student in Kiyomi’s class. Suddenly, the two are attacked by Viper, a mysterious women who summons a Kemono. Two fairies, who call themselves Iris and Lily, then appear and transform Kiyomi and Kiku into Cure Pussy and Cure Lapin!


Pretty Cure

Hoshisawa Kiyomi (星澤圭美 Hoshikawa kiyomi?)
The lead cure of the series. Kiyomi is an ordinary 14-year old who loves animals and fairy tales. Kiyomi is very energetic and curious in lots of stuff. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Chaton, the cat of purity whose theme colour is purple.
Hanazono Kiku (花園喜久 Hanazono kiku?)
The secondary cure of the series. Kiku is a transfer student and is quite stubborn while having a short temper. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Lapin, the rabbit of flowers whose theme colour is yellow.


Iris (アイリス Irisu?)
The main mascot of the season and Kiyomi’s partner. Like Kiyomi, she is very energetic yet elegant. Her human name is Hiyoshi Ayame.
Lily (リリー Riri?)
Kiku’s fairy partner. Like Kiku, she is quite stubborn. Her human name is Hanayama Madeleine.


Supporting Characters

Hoshisawa Ran (星澤蘭 Hoshikawa ran?)
Kiyomi’s mother. She is sweet and a world famous idol.

Hoshisawa Otome (星澤乙女 Hoshikawa otome?)
Kiyomi’s younger sister and twin of Hoshikawa Mia.

Hoshisawa Mia (星澤ミア Hoshikawa Mia?)
Kiyomi’s younger sister and twin of Hoshikawa Otome.

Hanazono Hime (花園姫 Hanazono hime?)
Kiku's mother. She hopes Kiku can make friends despite her stubborn nature and tsudere-like personality.

Hanazono Ashihei (花園足平 Hanazono ashihei?)
Kiku's father. He is much like his daughter, being extremely stubborn. However, he means well and is very kind.

Kirameku Seira (煌くセイラー Kirameku seirā?)
One of the girls in Kiyomi and Kiku's class. She is very timid and is often pushed around by Sakimono Kibou and her friends.

Sakimono Kibou (先物希望 Sakimono kibō?)
One of the school bullies along with her friends: Shirai Lynn, Yamada Hikami and Tsujimoto Christine. She, Lynn, Hikami and Christine often bully Kiku due to her tsundere-like nature.


Animal Pact (アニマルパクト Animarupakuto?)
The main transformation item that Kiyomi and Kiku use to transform into Pretty Cure.


Yumeno Academy (夢野アカデミー Yumeno akademī?)
The school the main characters attend.


  • This is the first Pretty Cure series to have the theme of animals
  • This is the first Pretty Cure series where the civilian names of the Pretty Cure have the initials of HK



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