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Miracle! Pretty Cure!
Miracle Pretty Cure logo (experiment).png
ミラクル! プリキュア!
Mirakuru! Purikyua!
General Information
Director Kimyōna Sonzai
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi (Japan)
Anione TV (South Korea)
YOYO TV (Taiwan)
MCOT (Thailand)
Disney(English Adaptation)
Youtube(Gacha Adaptation)
Original Run Airing
Episodes 49
Opening Song Blazing Bright! Miracle! Pretty Cure!
Blazing Bright! Miracle! Pretty Cure! All As One!
Ending Song F@ithly Pressing On
Series Info
Genre(s) Magical Girl
Theme(s) Miracles Belief Nature
Predecessor 🏁
Successor Ninja Star Pretty Cure☆
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Miracle! Pretty Cure! ( ミラクル! プリキュア! Mirakuru! Purikyua!) is the first fan series made by Kimyōna Sonzai.

It was the successor to Galactic Flight Pretty Cure!, until it was canceled and then taken over by I put effort into this username. The Cures' signature motif is flowers, while the series' theme are Heaven and Christianity.



The trademark for this series was filed on January 16, 2024, and was confirmed on February 16 when Toei and Asahi set up the websites.


From the Asahi TV poster:

Life is what its suppose to be. Everything is normal. Everything is in order. Well......not exactly. Unknown to many, numerous wars go on every day. Many which take place where you least expect it some in places you might not even release. Akarui is one of the few known Christians living in Japan with her family.

Now, there seems to be no one capable of standing in the enemy's plan to take over however that's not the case. The church has been a major part with keeping the enemy from being able to actually going at full power. So in an effort to fight against this, the enemy decides to start attacking the churches.

For a long while, there have been cures helping with the earthly side of this war. Till this day. The cures have been recently dealing with attacks left right and center till they Just couldn't keep up anymore. The two most recent attacks have really taken a toll on the cures resulting in them having to forcibly "retire".

The attacks have became more fierce in recent years. However, one of the cures has decided not to give up and did her best to fight off one of these attacks but fails but there is a plan. Fairies were sent to find the successors to fulfill what the old precures couldnt.

The enemy sends one of his demons to earth to find these fairies, who attacks a church in Japan. Akarui happens to go to church on the day of this attack and finds one of the fairies which were sent to earth. With the strong power of her faith and her will to protect everyone, she transforms into Cure Wonder.


Pretty Cure

  • Kazoku Akarui (あかるい かぞく Akarui ka zo ku?) / Cure Wonder (キュアワンダー Kyua Wandā) smart, youthful, energetic. Akarui is a lively Christian girl, who always fights for what she believes in. Thought to of the few known Christians at her school, she established her schools first Christian club, a japanese SCM. Despite this she still has a weakness when it comes to Serenity, as seen in episode 3. Her alter ego is Cure Wonder ( キュアワンダー Kyua Wandā) but in the dub, she's known as Miracle Wonder.
  • Yūki Tsuyoi (つよい ゆき Tsuyoi Yuki) / Cure Aster (キュアアスター Kyua Asutā?) is the student council secretary of Pandora Wells Academy, which is a Hindu school owned by her friend Yasashi. In episode 2, Akarui stood up for Tsuyoi and asked her to be her friend, which made Tsuyoi to believe in Akarui. She is the only Catholic at her school, and one of the ten best students in the national mock exams. In episode 2, Akarui helped her when some of the kids were bullying her because she was Catholic.

  • Kokoro Yasashī (やさし こころ Yasashi kokoro?) / Cure Iris (キュアアイリス Kyua Airisu?) is a student who owns and attends Pandora Wells Academy for girls. She is very wealthy and a well know Hindu. She's a kind, sweet, talented, and gentle person, but often flaunts wealth involuntarily.

  • Sutekina Mirai (みらい すてきな Mi rai sutekina?) / Cure Lilac (ライラックを治す Kyua Rairakku?) was the first pretty cure that awakened prior to the series when her church became the first church to be attacked by Osortosh came to Japan to find Cure Rosy after she heard of reappearance and to see if the news was true. She became a well know singer and extremely popular fashionista. Cool and always has a strong sense of responsibility, but harbored remorse because she wasn't able to stop her church from being destroyed, and doesn't get along well with her new allies.


  • Shinkō (シンコ Shinko?) is Cure Miracle's rabbit-like fairy partner. The most passionate of all the four mascots, she has a passionate heart and always works hard. Shinkō could also turn into a human taking the form of a young elementary school student. She ends her sentences with "~ith!".
  • Odoroki (おどろき Odoroki?) is Cure Aster's dog-like fairy partner. He is very reliable to the other fairies, much like his partner. Odoroki could also turn himself into a human, taking the form of a young elementary school student. He could also turn himself into a human, taking the form of a young kindergarten student. He ends his sentences with "~okil!".
  • Flora (フローラ Furōra?) is Cure Iris' bear-like fairy partner. She is the youngest out of the four mascots and a little spoiled. She can also transform herself into a human, taking the form of a young middle school student. She ends her sentences with "~ora!".
  • Shinrai (しんらい Shin rai?) is Cure Lilac's cat-like fairy partner. She is very independent, but she often worries about her partner. She ends her sentences with "~rai!" Shinrai is able to transform into a human and acts as Mirai's manager under the name "Ms.Rose".
  • Aisuru (アイスル Aisuru?) is Cure Rosy's child-like fairy partner. She is a child mascot who was reborn as an egg by hell's dark magic, later being a baby. She made her first appearance in episode 1. She ends her sentences with "~suru". In the English dub, she uses "Ai" in her sentences.
  • Fushigina-The owner of the Kagayaku Hana.


  • Satan- The main enemy of the series and the ruler of hell.
  • Hansha (Honoria in the English dub)- The first demon introduced that can summon Osorotsh monsters.
  • Yosoku-One of Satan's minions.
  • Dorobō Majo- A wondering spirit that was introduced later on in the series.
  • Osortosh- (オソルトッシュ Osorutosshu?) (known as Reluctani in the English dub) are the monsters summoned by the villains of the series to battle the Pretty Cure. Unlike some other monsters, they are not made of objects, however, have a related shape of worried or troubled thought.


  • Josei Majo- A witch that was introduced later on in the series.
  • Misumi Nagisa- One of the previous cure to be introduced through the half way point of the series.
  • Yamabuki Inori- A Christian cure who was brought back during the series.


  • Cure Seeds (キュアシード Kyua Shīdo?) - The transformation and attack item of the Pretty Cures.
  • Heart Decoder (ハートデコーダー Hāto Dekōdā?) - The first transformation and attack device of Pretty Cures.
  • Beatin Link Commune (ビーティンリンクコミューンBītin Rinku Komyūn?)
  • Heart Melody Commune (ハートメロディコミューンHāto Merodi Komyūn?)- The Pretty Cure's secondary transformation device.
  • Gemstone Heart Commune (ジェムストーンハートコミューン Jemusutōn Hāto Komyūn)- The Cure's final weapon in the series.
  • Flora Love Watch (フローララブウォッチ Furōra Rabuu~Otchi?) - The transformation device of Cure Rosy.


  • Faith High School (しんこ ここ Shinko koko?) - Akarui, Tsuyoi, Mirai and Kyodo's school.
  • Pandora Wells Academy (パンドラウェルズアカデミー Pandorau~Eruzu Akademī?) - Tsuyoi old school and one of Yasashī's family buildings.
  • Saku shinkō cathedral (さく しんこ かてぇdらl Saku shinko kate~e d-ra l?) - A major landmark within the town, Akarui, Yasashi, Mirai and Kyodo's church.
  • Sonkei Catherdral- Tsyuoi's church. Debuts in episode 3.
  • Kagayaku Hana (かがやく花 Kagayaku Hana ?) - Fushigina's boutique and home in the human world.
  • Shinko City (シンコシティ Shinko Shiti?) - The hometown of Kazoku Akarui , Yūki Tsuyoi , Kokoro Yasashī , Aisuru Hana , and Maindo Kyodo .
  • Heaven- Also preferred to as the is the home place of the fairies and the main motivation of the cures.
  • UnderWorld-The home to Satan and the other demons.


  • It is the was successor to Galactic Flight Pretty Cure! till it got cancelled and the name was adopted by Hisaki Leilani and she took it on as her own.
  • This is the first time a season of Pretty Cure aired on Disney Channel.
  • There is a fanmade Glitter Force dub called Glitter Force Nature Power.
  • The season aired on April 14th 2024, thus marking the series' 20th anniversary.


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Alternative titles

The series is also known as 멋진 자연! 프리큐어 (Wonderful Nature! Precure) in South Korea, Nature! 光之美少女 (Nature! Precure) in Taiwan and 奇妙的大自然!预固化 (Wonderful Nature! Precure) in Hong Kong, Miracle Girls Season 1 in the US and มหัศจรรย์สาวน้อย พริตตี้เคียว ปี 20 (Miracle Girl Pretty Cure Season 20) In Thailand.

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