Minwa Academy (民話学園 Minwa Gakuen) is the school in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. It is the school that Imari Suzukawa, Tomoka Fukumoto, and Nijiko Ōmitsu attend. The Principal of the school is Haruna Taiki.



The academy is described as the elite private school located in Yūkibarano primarily for the high-class and talented children. It is bigger than normal schools as it hosts four different divisions; Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, and Senior High School. All the divisions are separated and the students tend to remain near their classes and their own cafeteria to eat their bento lunches.


The school has an obedience of different activities for the students.There are also many clubs; tennis, hockey, judo, karate, kendo, soccer, baseball, relay, archery, baking, choir, drama, etc. Their is even a PreCure Fan Club. Not much is known yet about their annual traditions.


Female Uniform


Summer Uniform with second-year bow (Rio and Fu) and Winter Uniform with second-year bow (Sara)

Winter Uniform

The girls' uniform is a sailor fuku. It consists white long-sleeved top with a green sailor collar with two white stripes and a bow that ties in the front. The first-year students have pink bows, second-year have blue, and the third-year have purple ones. Green pleated skirts. They also wear navy blue knee-length socks or tights, and brown penny loafers. One exception is Imari and Tomoka. Imari wears pink stockings and pink penny loafers. Tomoka wears black tights and black penny loafers.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform resembles the same as the winter one, however, it has short sleeves.

Male Uniform


Winter Uniform with no tie (Ryoma), Winter Uniform with third-year tie (Masato and Yasuharu)

Winter Uniform

The boys' uniforms consist of light green blazer-like jackets that buttons in the front with a white dress shirt underneath. They have pink, blue, or purple neckties depending on their school year. They also wear light grey slacks and brown shoes. One exception is Masato and Ryoma. Masato wears black shoes. Ryoma doesn't wear his necktie and leaves his dress shirt unbuttoned.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform resembles the same as the winter one, however, it no longer has the green jacket and the white dress shirt is short-sleeved.

Notable Students

Notable Staff


Minwa: (民話) is a term translated from "folktale" which goes with the fairytale theme.


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