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Minamoto Ami
Minamoto Ami
Personal Information
Birthday DateFebruary 4th
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceSonas
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy
First AppearancePFC02
SeiyuuOyokawa Hagino
Voice ActorDahlia Blake

Minamoto Ami (源亜美 Minamoto Ami) is a supporting character who appears in Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy.


Ami was a sweet girl. Her parents don't treat her well at home, so school was the only place she can be free at. All her friends got her back, however, so she stays strong.

Jade has a huge crush on Ami, and he can't hide it. However, Ami thinks it creepy. In Act 2, she snaps and slaps him in the face, rejecting his confession. In the end of Act 3, she finds out Jade is Cure Clarity, and she wants to go out with him. However, Emma tells Ami that she only wants Jade for the money, and now she's sad.


Ami is usually a happy girl, but on the inside, she's no different from the female bully stereotype.


  • Ami is a Japanese first name. A (亜) means "Asia" and Mi (美) means "beautiful".
  • Minamoto (源) means "source, origin". It is the surname of one of the emperors of Japan.

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