Personal Information
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceWonderland
Anime Information
SeasonSweets Time Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuInoue Marina

Mikuru is a minor character of Sweets Time Pretty Cure!. Mikuru is an inexperienced fairy from Wonderland, who was able to leave it before it was destroyed. Her appearance resembles the one of a cat. Mikuru usually ends her sentences with "~miku".

Character Information

Mikuru is an inexperienced fairy who originally came from Wonderland but was forced to leave the magical country when it was destroyed. Mikuru seems to truely admire Gâteau and is determined to do nearly everything to support him. She also seems to have high hopes in Pretty Cure. However, Mikuru has no confidence in herself and is even too shy to share her honest thoughts. This is why she seems to be a bit arrogant towards others. Mikuru gets easily scared by the people around her.

Her appearance resembles the one of a cat. She is slightly taller than an adult's hand and has white fur. She wears a pink bow next to her left ear. Her eyes are green colored. She wears a pink ribbon around her neck, that is tied together and hold by a light pink gem. The fur around her paws is pale pink colored.


Mikuru (ミクル?) - Mikuru might come from the Japanese pronounciation of Miracle, mirakuru (ミラクル?). However, it could also be an anagram to "milk", which would fit the season's sweet theme.



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