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Midorikusa Tsubaki
Midorikusa Tsubaki
Personal Information
SeasonUnofficial 5th Season
Eye ColorDark green
Hair ColorBlack
First AppearanceEpisode U08
SeiyuuMoriya Satomi
Family Information
SiblingsMidorikusa Emerald

Midorikusa Tsubaki is a minor charater of Sky Pretty Cure: The Unofficial 5th Season. Tsubaki is Emerald's three years elder sister, who practices professional ballet at the Rhythm Studio.


Tsubaki is Emerald's three years elder sister, who is a member of the dance studio Rhythm Studio, located in the downtown of the city. Tsubaki appears in Emerald centered episodes as a supportive for Emerald. She sometimes visits Emerald at her current workplace and might even buy flowers to support her. However, she may only do that when she has got some free time from her ballet training. She works as a professional dancer, who played the leading role of some ballets already and currently has receipted an invitation for an audition of a dance-related movie. During her performances, Tsubaki is usually listed as Midorino Tsubaki.


Midorikusa (緑草?) - Midorikusa comes from Midori (?) meaning "green", "greenery", "verdure" or "a new bud", combined with Kusa (?) meaning "grass", "weed", "herb" or even "a draft, a rough copy". Basically, Midorikusa means "green grass", "a draft of greenery" or simply "greenery".

Tsubaki (椿?) - Tsubaki is a common Japanese name for girls, which means "camellia", "camellia blossom" or "camellia flower" in Japanese.[1]

Midorino Tsubaki (緑野ツバキ?) - Midorino Tsubaki is the name Tsubaki uses for any of her performances and auditions. It comes from Midori (?) meaning "green", combined with No (?) meaning "field". Together with her given name, her pseudonym means "green field of camellia flowers".


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