Midorigawa Yuriko
Green anime girl by miyaro-d592v8t
Kanji 緑川百合子
Romaji Midorigawa Yuriko
Season Pretty Cure RPM
Physical Info
Age 14
Gender female
Hair Color Dark Green (Yuriko)
Chartreuse (Cure Blow)
with viridian Ombre (Overdrive Blow)
Eye Color Dark Green (Yuriko)
Chartreuse (Cure Blow)
Office Green (Overdrive Blow)
Personal Info
Home Place Himitsu Town
Relatives Midorigawa Hayato (older brother)
Midorigawa Saike (father)
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Blow
Overdrive Blow
Element Orca
Loyalty Pretty Cure
Theme Color Green
Black & White (subs)
Anime Information
First Appearance PCRPM01
Seiyū Endo Aya

Midorigawa Yuriko (緑川 百合子 Midorigawa Yuriko?) is one of the cures in Pretty Cure RPMHer cure ego is Cure Blow (キュアブロル Kyua Buroru?). Nicknamed the "Vagabond," she's a light-hearted, almost childish pizza girl from Kira Kira Pizzeria who saw the Cures' canceling their transformation until Kurohane Eren's actions cost her job.


Yuriko's appearance was resembled to RPM's civilian form but it had form were green. She had dark green eyes and hair. Her bangs was same as Iona while her side and back hair was same as Kirara's.

As Cure Blow, her form was resembled to RPM Green but it had her form were lime with green accents. Her hair was charteuse, tied in a black hair accessories with white and lime accents, chartreuse eyes, and she had white earrings with green accents.


Yuriko is the sportiest of all. She loves to help a lot and she loves eating vedgetables, fruits, pizza, and barbeque. Yuriko is very like heart-pounding feelings to each. But she was became a friend of Kuraidendo Tenaya in episode 12. (Eren slaps Tenaya's face after it tease it in episode 2).

Yuriko has since been retired from her father's pizza job but is very excited at the prospect of being a Cure. After a couple of missions, she and Kurohane Eren learn that their Engines have arrived on Earth. She was later able to retrieve it and Birca acknowledged her as her partner. Enthusiastic, kindhearted, but immature, Yuriko seems to always have a part-time job of some sort; one of these was at a crepe stand so that she could talk with girls her age (she lied to his teammates, telling them that she was working to supplement their food budget so they could buy barbecue meat).



  • Kurohane Eren - Eren is Yuriko's best friend. She was being protected in episode 2.

Cure Blow

"Heart-Pounding Delight! Cure Blow!"
Dokidoki Yukai!! Kyua Buroru!

Cure Blow (キュアブロル Kyua Buroru?) is Yuriko's cure ego. She represented by orca.


  • Blowing Burst - her first solo attack
  • Blowing Scream - her second solo attack
  • Blowing Buster - her first upgrade attack
  • Blowing Blizzard - her second upgrade attack
  • Blowing Eraser - her first finisher
  • Blowing Gun - her second finisher
  • Blowing Sharp
  • Blowing Spinner
  • Blowing Glass


Pretty Cure, Get it Gear!- is the transformation phrase of Yuriko. The transformation was in same process




Midorigawa (緑川 Midorigawa?)- Midori ( Midori?) means green, which is her alter ego. Gawa ( Gawa?) means river.

Yuriko (百合子 Yuriko?)- Yuri (百合 Yuri?) means lily. Ko ( Ko?) means child.


  • She shares some similarities with Midorikusa Emerald:
    • Both are green cures.
    • Both had powers of wind.
    • Both are good at sports.
  • Yuriko was based on Jou Hant / Go-On Green. Which there are same color.