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Michiko Shinjiru
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美智子 信じる
Michiko Shinjiru
Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 21st
Hair ColorMagenta (Shinjiru)
Blush (Believe)
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceKibō Town
RelativesMister Michiko (father)
Michiko Hikari (mother)
Michiko Michio (little brother)
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Believe
Super FormCrystal Believe
Arc-en-ciel Believe
Believing Believe
Cure Heaven (movie)
Theme ColorPink (main)
Fuscia (sub)
Pearl cream (sub)
Power(s)Believing Crystals
Anime Information
SeasonHopefully Precure
First AppearanceEpisode 1
Voice ActorSketchical Animations

Michiko Shinjiru (美智子 信じる?) is one of the five main characters of Hopefully Precure. She is a clumsy middle school student who is always late at school and loves food. Shinjiru's alter ego is Cure Believe (キュアビリーブ?) (Sweets Believe in Rainbow Healers), she controls the power of the Believing Crystals. Her catchphrases are "Super Duper" (「スーパーデュパー」 "Sūpāde~yupā"?) and "It’s wonder! It’s magic! Believe, Believe" (「それは不思議です!それは魔法です!信じて、信じて」 "Sore wa fushigidesu! Sore wa mahōdesu! Shinjite, shinjite"?).



height: 156 centimeters

As a civilian, Shinjiru has a waist-length light magenta hair. Part of her hair is styled in a ponytail on the left side of her and is held in a light blue bow and a braid tied in the around her bangs. She wears a magenta and pink striped sweater and a magenta skirt with a magenta belt. She also wears white ankle length boots with pink slippers.

In summer, her outfit wasn't discovred yet...

In winter, her hair is now tied in braids and she wears a pink sweater with a magenta jacket. Her jacket has light pink frills everywhere and in the front left of her jacket remains a pink heart. She has a dark pink skirt and a light fuscia petticoat under it. She also wears magenta boots with white knee-high socks.

As Cure Believe, her hair turns into a blush-like color and grows to thigh length, worn in low pigtails held by magenta bows. She gains antennaes and her bangs and eye color remain the same. She has a magenta collar with a pink bow on it and pink bows earrings. She wears a fuscia dress with puffy sleeves and a magenta bow on the center. On the right corner of her dress, there is a magenta bow and a string of pearls hanging from it. On the left corner of her dress, there is a dark pink and white bag with the Curefully Phone. Under her skirt layer remains a petticoat. Her gloves are white with a fuscia lining and a dark pink bow on each lining. She gains à white thigh-length boots with a fuscia lining and dark pink bows in each ankle.


Shinjiru is a clusmy 14 year old girl who loves food. She always thinks that food is life. It is also revealed that Shinjiru can bake cupcakes. Shinjiru was a cheerful and energetic girl until...Her father went missing, the police promised her to find him. But sadly, they didn't find him and that the reason why she didn't believe anyone. Her favorite food is pizza.


• Mister Michiko: Her father that has been missing since work. She also taught her some important things like hope, love, trust and caring. He also has a strong connection with her daughter (Shinjiru).

• Michiko Hikari: Shinjiru's mother

• Michiko Michio: is Shinjiru's brother. She thinks that she is annoying. But later, he respect Shinjiru when he heard that she was a Pretty Cure.


Michiko (美智子?) Mi (?) means "beautiful", Chi (?) means "thousand" and Ko (?) means "chlid".

Shinjiru (信じる?) means "to believe", "to trust" or "to believe in (God, etc).

Cure Believe is a verb that means "to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.


Becoming Cure Believe

Shinjiru runs and arrives at the park, she noticed that she was alone. She starts to jump to the sky and lands with a smile. Now that she have her feet on the ground, wind start to blow in the park. Shinjiru begins to cry about her rather and her tears are falling on her father picture and she tells how much she misses him. After crying about her father, she looks up the sky. She sees Glauben falling from the sky and crashes into Shinjiru's face. Then, Glauben falls to the ground and Shinjiru yells because her head hurts. Shinjiru pick up Glauben on the ground and say that a baby fox from heaven.

Cure Believe

""The sweetness of believe in yourself, I'm Cure Believe!""
Shinjiru no ama-sa, watashi wa Kyua Birību!

Cure Believe

Cure Believe (キュアビリーブ?) (Sweet Believe in Rainbow Healers) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Shinjiru. She transforms using the phrase "Curefully Makeover!". In this form, she uses the power of the Believing Crystals and in the first few episodes she is really bad in fighting but after a while, she can fight better.


Transformations OST: Rainbow Healing Revolution (Believe version)


  • Heartful Believing Shining! (ハートフルなビリーブ輝き!?) is Cure Believe's main attack that she performed to purify the enemy. She had first performed in episode 1.
  • Believing Shoot! (ビリーブ • シュート!?) is Cure Believe's second attack.
  • Arc-en-ciel Solution! (アーク・アン・シエル・ソリューション!?) is the group attack Cure Believe performs with the other four Cures. To perform it, she must use the Arc-en-ciel Book.
  • Double Rainbow Extreme Solution! (ダブルレインボーエクストリームソリューション!?) is the group attack Cure Believe performs with the other four Cures (and mabye the 6th Cure).


Believing is colorfull

Hopefully Precure has a Music Album called "Believing is Colorful".

Shinjiru's voice actor, Cure Anime, has participated in several image songs for the character he voices. Many of them include duets with BetzBetz, who voices Sonomi Maiha, Video Game Master, who voices Kishi Kiyoshi, RakuraiKaze, who voices Yoi Dowa and *Brookie*, who voices Manami Minako.

Believing is Amazing



  • Shinjiru's (Sketchical Animations) birthday is on March 21st, making her Zodiac sign Pisces.
  • Shinjiru's secret talent is making sweets. (Only because she loves eating)
  • It is releaved that Shinjiru loved fashion and that she wanted to become a fashion designer.


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