Personal Information
Age21 (Emi)
Birthday Date???
Hair ColorPale Pink (Merry)

Light Brown (Emi)

Eye ColorMagenta (Merry)

Orange (Emi)

Home PlaceHappy Smiles Kingdom
Theme ColorPale Pink (main)

Magenta (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonHappiness World Pretty Cure
First AppearanceHWPC01
Merry (メリー, Merī) is the main mascot of Happiness World Pretty Cure. She is the mentor of the girls and can be very serious. Her human alias is Yamamoto Emi (山本 笑み, Yamamoto Emi).


Merry is a serious mentor for the Cures and doesn't approve of Lucy's goofy behaviour during training. She can get angry really easily, scaring the girls and is very sporty, being able to run really fast. She is really brave, not even thinking twice about helping the girls during battle and has a mysterious past, that the girls want to find out. When she is pissed off with Mia and Lucy, she tends to bite them hard on the hand in her mouse form and when she is pleased with Adelina's work, she licks her on the hand.




Adelina Schneider -

Etsuko Mia -

Lucy Jacobs -

Joyful -


Merry is able to transform into a human without difficultly. She is really fast, using the her fast running to do one on one battles with the subordinates while Pretty Cure attacks the Jigokus. She can also blast pink light out of her palms which can hurt the Jigoku but not purify it. She can also create shields to protect herself and the Pretty Cure.


Merry (メリー) - Merry means "cheerful and lively".

Yamamoto (山本) - Yama (山) means "mountain" while Moto (本) means "base". Together Yamamoto means "base of the mountain".

Emi (笑み) - Emi (笑み) means "Smile" which would probably refer to the theme of happiness.


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