Mars Locksworth
Māzu Rokkusuwāsu
TitleCreator of Kisekae Palette Pretty Cure!
Birthday DateAugust 19
Eye ColorGray
Hair ColorDark brown
Home PlacePhilippines

Mars Locksworth (マーズ・ロックスワース Māzu Rokkusuwāsu) is the pen name of SoaringSprocket, otherwise known as Marcia Aeris. Mars is the creator and director of Kisekae Palette Pretty Cure!.


While the pen name chosen by Mars can seem to be complete and utter nonsense, there is a certain reason why both names were chosen.

Mars was named after the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and mascot of the Fire Emblem franchise as a whole, Marth. Specifically, the localized version of his name chosen for the 1997 OVA of Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem, Mars Lowell.

Locksworth, on the other hand, was named after Mars' interest in anything related to steampunk and its aesthetics. It was also slightly inspired by Elluka Clockworker's surname.

Current works

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