Oyasumi Z - Night Knight (Makura)
Personal Information
Birthday Date??
Hair ColorCrimson
Blonde (Night Knight)
Eye ColorViolet
Red (Night Knight)
Home PlacePalace of Sleep
Yumemura (current)
Alter EgoNight Knight
Theme ColorRed & Purple
Anime Information
SeasonOyasumi Pretty Cure Z
First Appearance??
SeiyuuKenji Nojima

Makura is a mascot and ally in Oyasumi Pretty Cure Z. He's a magical pillow used to guard over a comatose Tsubasa while the nightmare beast, Mara, is sealed inside her.

Mid-way during the series, things happen and he decides to help the current Precure. He takes on a human form and aids the group as the magical warrior Night Knight.


Makura is a tad stiff in his mannerism, coming off as somewhat stoic but he constantly tries to be a 'Prince Charming', acting heroic, helping people even when they don't need it, being overly polite to others and making dramatic speeches. He is actually just a huge dork with a little too much imagination, and because of being alone all the time has no idea how to interact with others.

His humble hero personality makes him quite popular with the local children, who look up to him like some kind of townshero. Makura is a good listener and very accepting towards others.



Nemu Yozora

Mayu Hoshizawa

Sayo Asahi

Yuka Ueshiba

Homura Takeda

Chie Hayase

Yue Kara

Asami Asahi

Tsubasa Yumeno
Makura is technically Tsubasa's mascot. He has being with her since she first became a Precure. He cares a lot about Tsubasa and spend many years inside her Dream Dimension fending off Mara's nightmares to protect her. His desire to become a "hero" may stem from Tsubasa, as his human (and thus Night Knight) form is based on the main character in her story.

Night Knight

"The Prince Charming who will protect your dreams! A dreamer of justice, Night Knight!"

Night Knight is the alter ego of Makura. He is significantly weaker than the Cures as his strength lies more in support and defense than offense. His main colors are red and purple, and he's represented by diamonds. He also has his own weapon, the Daybreak Blade.


  • Midnight Parade - His first group finisher.
  • Zuper Dreamcatcher - The final group finisher.
  • Aurora Stream
  • Protection Veil


Makura's voice actor, Kenji Nojima, has participated in several image songs for the character he voices. Including duets and group-songs.

Solo Songs

Duets & Group Songs



  • Yes. He totally chose his alter ego's name himself.
    • Yes. It's really dumb.
  • His mascot form roughly resembles a Pi'illo from the game Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.
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