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Makoto Masaru
真 まさる
Makoto Masaru
SeasonUnofficial 5th Season
AffiliationTheater Club
Akikahara University
Japanese Voice ActorShimono Hiro

Makoto Masaru is a minor charater of Sky Pretty Cure: The Unofficial 5th Season. Masaru is a member of the Torigoe theater group and attends the Akikahara University.


Masaru is a member of the theater group and an upperclassman at the Akikahara University. As his father works as the head of a well-known business company, he knows quite a lot about these things. Masaru was forced to attend university.


Makoto (?) - 真 means "true". But Makoto can also be written with different Kanjis and then has other meanings. For example, one meaning would be "true, Japanese harp" (真琴?) or "truth" (?).

Masaru (まさる?) - Masaru can have different meanings with the Kanjis used. So it could mean "excel" (勝 or 優?), "large" (?) or "commander" (将 or 將?).


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