Majesty Pillars (マジェスティピラー Majesutipirā) - Pillars that keep the balance between the light and darkness and also the main source of power of High Sky Kingdom. Its one of the locations is Majestic Pretty Cure! series.


Its an underground rooms made of crystals. It has five pillars representing the worlds time. In front of each pillars has a statue that shaped like tree branches where their Majestic Jewels came from. The branches are connected to a crystal tree with no leaves. The trees are where their power-up jewels came from. The pillars are shaped the same with different touches. The pink one has flowers and vines around it, the blue one has snowflakes and ice crystals, the green one has clouds and leaves, the yellow one has sun shaped crystals and some small light and the purple one has moon crystals and stars. Their Majestic Jewels are put in the pillars while the other jewels are on the tree. In front on each pillars, they stabbed their Legendary Swords as a plus for power. Behind the pillars walls is a clear mirror which is the teleport portal to earth. When they are chased there, the villains thought it was broken after Aisu ran. But actually, Subaru sealed it.


The pillars was destroyed because it has weakened. The actual reason is weakened is because they lost the jewels. When the cures become a Pretty Cure and each time they receive a new jewel, the jewel from there are gone and weakened it instead. The first jewel that was taken was the blue jewel. When it happens, the barrier become weaker and the reason also because the blue jewel is crafted by the kingdom's ancestors and the most powerful jewel for the kingdom. When it destroyed, the jewels are still there, but weak because their power are slowly transported into the darkness. When the jewels are received by the cures, its as if the cures are saving yet destroying the kingdom. By taking it, they took the power of the kingdom but also making it stronger. When the stronger jewels are placed back, it reconstruct the pillars and power.


There are fairies who live and guard the pillars. Originally, Rosa, Nix, Ventus, Stella and Nox are the main guardian of each pillars who has other fairies to help. But after they leave, they passed down their mission to their friends to protect it while they protect the cures.



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