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Magical Rainbow Finale (マジカル・レインボー・フィナーレ Majikaru Reinbō Fināre?) is an attack from Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. It is the second group purification attack that all Cures together use.



Cure Crimson: 我々のハートで虹を!
Cure Heather: カラフルな光に心の包み!
All: みんなのハートは一つになります!
All: プリカラー!マジカルレインボー
All: フィナーレ!


Cure Crimson: Wareware no hāto de niji o!
Cure Heather: Karafuruna hikari ni kokoro no tsutsumi!
All: Min'na no hāto wa hitotsu ni narimasu!
All: Purikarā! Majikaru Reinbō
All: Fināre!


Cure Crimson: The Rainbow in our hearts!
Cure Heather: Our hearts covered in colorful light!
All: Everyone's hearts become one!
All: Pretty Color! Magical Rainbow
All: Finale!


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