Magical Hurricane Shoot (マジカル ハリケーン シュート Majikaru Harikēn Shūto) is the second attack used by Cure Bliss in Happiness World Pretty Cure. It replaced Blissful Shoot in Episode 15 with the help of the Blissful Baton.


Cure Bliss summons her Bliss Baton by holding her right arm up in the air. A pink surrounds her as she does this. Cure Bliss than spins the baton in her hand like she is conducting a marching band and positions the baton in front of her so it is pointing directly at the enemy. Cure Bliss than shouts out the rest of the incantation and thrusts the baton forward, shooting a canon of pink light towards the enemy. The enemy is trapped inside the pink light like it's a cage. Cure Bliss waves the baton around two times then says "Happiness!", purifying the enemy.



Cure Bliss: 出ておいで!光の魔力!ブリスフルバトン!
Cure Bliss: プリキュアマジカルハリケーンシュート!
Cure Bliss: ハピネス!


Cure Bliss: Dete oide! Hikari no maryoku! Burisufuru Baton!
Cure Bliss: Purikyua Majikaru Harikēn Shūto!
Cure Bliss: Hapinesu!


Cure Bliss: Come out! Magical power of light! Blissful Baton!
Cure Bliss: Pretty Cure Magical Hurricane Shoot!
Cure Bliss: Happiness!


  • Magical Hurricane Shoot is the sixth attack to end with the word "Shoot!".
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