Maboroshi Muso
Kanji 幻むそう
Romaji Maboroshi Musō
Season Prism Power Pretty Cure!
Physical Info
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Magical Girl
Hair Color Cadmium
With platinum blonde Ombre and golden highlights (Kagayaki Hana)
Eye Color Cadmium
Gold and blue (Kagayaki Hana)
Personal Info
Home Place Nijiirohoseki
Occupation(s) Student
Affiliation(s) PuriPawa
Class Diamonds
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Borealis
Super Form(s) Glimmering Borealis
Sparkling Borealis
Form Change(s) Kagayaki Hana
Item(s) Prism Palette
Weapon(s) Prism Wand
Element Ammolite
Power Illusion
Loyalty Colorful World
Crystallographic Kingdom
Pretty Cure
Theme Color Cadmium
Anime Information

Maboroshi Muso (幻むそう Maboroshi Musō?) is one of the main protagonists in Prism Power Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Borealis (キュアボレアリス Kyua Borearisu?) and she is the cadmium Cure of illusion.

General Information


Muso is a confident girl who soons to be a fashion designer. She is high spirited, cheerful girl who loves to drawing dresses. Her family owns a clothes company which it gains popular. She helps her parents always and she has a spending time if she is present.


Muso has long and curly honey blonde hair tied in a braided pigtails.



Pretty Cure

Cure Borealis

Cadmium represents the color of illusion! Ammolite crystal! Cure Borealis!

Cure Borealis (キュアボレアリス Kyua Borearisu?) is the pretty cure ego of Muso. She represents the cadmium Cure of illusion and she holds the cadmium Ammolite.

Kagayaki Hana



Pretty Cure! Prism Power! is Muso's transformation phrase in Prism Power Pretty Cure!.




  • Many differences of Muso was a big inspiration of Japanese traditions when she is in PuriPawa form because of her appearance, her form change, and her name itself as:
    • The only PuriPawa Cure to use rarely Japanese name from her PuriPawa change.
    • When she was in PuriPawa change, her appearance slightly change only drastically.
  • he only Cure to have highlights and an Ombre (when in PuriPawa form).