Nani Ga Chiizu!? Watashi Wa Purikyuada Yo! (何がチーズ!?私はプリキュアだよ!translation: "What the Cheese!? I'm a Pretty Cure!") is the first episode of Techieberry38's Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. The villain for this epsiode is Lord Sadness, and will be until episode 7.


A regular day of school has ended for Umeki, a new student in her school. She's just biking home when a swirl of cherry blossom petal like things swirl across her. A flash of light comes along and the sky becomes cloudy, everyone seems to be sleeping on beds of sound waves that are perfectly silent. Umeki is alone in this gloomy version of her hometown. She looks around to see who did this, shouting "hey! what did you do to the people!' as loud as she could shout. She sees Lord Sadness whom she calls a 'weird man'. He says that Umeki should get out of the way, but Umeki refuses until he frees the people from their sleep on sound waves. Meanwhile, Dia up in the Jewel Villages` telescope, sees that Umeki is the next pretty cure, because she was not affected by the cherry blossom petal like things. They send down a Cure Sparkler. Lord Sadness sends a despairian from a taxi after her, causing Umeki to run. Umeki keeps running until a blast of light crashes in front of her. Umeki says she'd do anything for the people he affected, and would not back down.She realizes that the blast of light was 'some kind of birthday gift to a little girl', which really was the Cure Sparkler. She also finds a little jewel like thing and a hole the same shape as the jewel thing. Umeki puts the jewel thing in and a voice tells her how to use it for transformation. Confused, Umeki follows the voice's instructions and transforms. Umeki was still confused, but she got over it and purified the Despairian with Diamond Vertical Ring.

Debuting Characters

Major Events

  • Umeki transforms for the first time.
  • A Despairian is created for the first time.
  • Diamond Vertical Ring is performed for the first time.
  • Miracle  Jewel Pretty Cure premires!


  • This episode marks the airing of Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure.