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Personal Information
Hair ColorScarlet
Eye ColorSky Blue
Home PlaceHavoc Dystopia
RelativesZulu (Brother)
Anime Information
SeasonTropica Shine Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceTSPC21
SeiyuuDaisuke Ono
Voice ActorLiam O'Brien

Lynk is an antagonist from Tropica Shine Pretty Cure!. He is one of the two Calamity Twins; a group working for Gehenna made up of him and his younger brother, Zulu. He and Zulu are the first villains to appear after the Four Horsemen are demoted, and the fifth overall.



Physical Features

Lynk is slightly taller than his brother and has a more built (but still relatively slender) physique, and appears to be in his mid-twenties. He has long scarlet hair that is naturally spiked, making it look a bit like a lion's mane. His bangs are split much like his brother's with a longer section on the left, and a shorter section on the right. His eyes are small and narrow, and his sky blue irises do not normally reflect light. He has fair skin.

Fashion Style

Lynk wears a white bodysuit with a black, four-pointed star shape on the left side of his torso, and a crimson seam running down the front and down his left leg. His outfit also has black, protective padding on the shoulders, and a section of padding on his forearms. He wears black gloves, and black thigh-high boots with short heels. On his head he wears a white headband decorated with black four-pointed star; matching the one on his outfit. His regular attire is a mirrored version of his brother's.

Name Etymology

Lynk (リンク) - Derived from the Welsh name "Lyn" which is a diminutive form of Llewellyn; meaning leader or lion-like.






  • Contrary to what their title suggests, Lynk and Zulu are not twins. Lynk is older than Zulu by at least 3 years, who is closer to Minato in age than he is to Lynk.


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