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Luminique Hale
Ruminīku Hare
Alias Le Pastiche
Title Creator of the Prismagic☆Dream Pretty Cure! series
Birthday Date 4th of July
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Home Place Philippines

Luminique Hale (ルミニークハレ?) is a pen name of Le Pastiche (former as PaddlionaPop-chan in 2014), who is the creator of the Prismagic☆Dream Pretty Cure! series.



gender: Female
birthdate: 4th of July
eye color: Brown
hair color: Brown
homeplace: Philippines

about me

☆ My name is Liah, born on July 4, from Philippines. You can call me as Liah Ann, Lumi, Pastiche or Pastel-chan. But I was returned here because I want to learn more.
☆ I'm PaddlionaPop-chan earlier but I decide to deactivate my former account because I don't know that I am briefly to use it, as well I'm a very young age in 2014. Since I found pretty Cure, my favorite seasons are Suite Pretty Cure♪ and Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
☆ My pen name is Luminique Hale. I love to writing pretty Cure seasons. I also draws the pretty Cures and its weapons. I also creating my fan fictions, mostly for my created La Elemagica series.
☆ My personality is sociable, friendly, sweet, bubbly, optimistic, and also creative.
☆ My negative personalities are pathetic, moody, sadistic and a crybaby because some of the reasons that by blah blah blah.
☆ Creativity is my passion. I love to draw, paint, color, decorate anything else that gives me a sense of my vision. I was still excellent at editing too. I love edits! I was good at the paper but not bad at the gadget.
☆ I love aesthetics. These are cool but modern, vintage, and bright.
☆ I love Pop & EDM Music. This give me a fullest vibe and upbeat. As of the EDM genre, I love House and Chill to fit like an aesthetic style.
☆ I don't like K-Pop but I'm an ARMYBLINK. A Lisa stan & a Hobi stan because they are so cute and great at dancing so I love them. But I love Hobi more.


Color: All the colors but I love (Pink, Blue, Purple, Teal, Magenta) as well as i love pastel colors
Food: Cotton Candy, Ice Cream, Fried Chicken, French Fries, Pizza, Lasagna, Pasta
Drink: Frappe, Juice, Soda, Milk tea, Shake
Season: Summer
Hobby:: Drawing, Editing, Writing
Gemstone: Aquamarine, Rubellite
Mood: Hyper, Quiet, Sweet, Crybaby, Moody, Trustworthy
Genre: Electronic Dance (EDM), Pop,
Male idols that I stan: Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik
Female idols that I stan: Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift
Bands vs Groups that I stan One Direction, BTS, BLACKPINK, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, EXO (not a K-Pop fan but I want to stan them), 5 Seconds Of Summer, TWICE (not a K-Pop fan but I want to stan them)
Famous DJs: Marshmello, Galantis, Kygo, The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Alan Walker, Sigala, Robin Schulz, Avicii

fan series

Season Name Theme(s) Opening Ending
Ether Party
Aesthetic Dreams Pretty Cure! Aesthetics, Stars, Friendship, Trends STARS-ALIGNED Shining★Sparkling
Chasing Headlights
Mermaid Pearl Pretty Cure! Mermaids, Pearls, Music, Colors Clap! Clap! Bubbles!!
Sparkling Colorfully Mermaids
Forever in my Tails
Pearl Party
Electric Dance Pretty Cure! EDM, Music, Dance, Friendship Dancin' Days Song of Friends
Color POP! Pretty Cure! Pop Style, Colors, Gemstones Paint My Heart! Colorfully Rainbowish
You Will Make Me Happy
Color POP! Pretty Cure! Light It Up! Pop Style, Colors, Gemstones Paint My Heart! ~Light Me~
BeDazzled! BeForever!
Dancin' In My Way
Sparkling Sensation
Happy Sugar Pretty Cure! Sweets, Happiness Yummy-getto! A-La-Mode
My Sweet Heart!
Fairy Petal Pretty Cure! Fairies, Flowers, Nature Fairy! Bling! Bling! The Bridge of Nature
Flower Dance Medley
Sparkle Love
Pika☆Pika! Etoile♥Love Pretty Cure! Gemstones, Witches, Magic, Fairy Tales, Squad Goals Just Love♥
Lucky Future
Hop n Step!!!
Sparkling Time
Sparkl!ng World Pretty Cure! Space, Skies, Stars DoReMi! Sparkling World My Heart is Stoppin' Beat
PuZzLe M!r@Ge PrEtTy CuRe! Police, Witches, Card Slots SHKN FLSH Love&Peace
Mystery Magic Medley
Ancient Trinity Pretty Cure Time, Royals, Mythology, Technology The Power of Time My Past, My Future
PEACE! Peace
Angel Heart Pretty Cure! Love, Angels, Cards, Good Qualities Livin' Like an Angel Heart Let me know to LOVE
Pastel Love Pretty Cure! Painting, Unicorns P.A.S.T.E.L! LOVE! PRETTY CURE!! Dreamy like a Color
Paint my Dream
HoL!Fi€$+@ PrEtTy CuRe! Holidays, Festivals, Countries, Culture Let's Get HoliFiesta! Fiesta Time!
Party Together!
Scream! Shout! Loud!
Beyond The Scene
HoPe WoRlD PrEtTy CuRe! Hope, Dreams, Jobs, Goals HELLO TO HOPE WORLD! Our Hearts of Sunshine
Mikrokosmos Pretty Cure! Idols, Magic, Astrology Reach For The STARS!! You Got ME! I Got YOU!
Wish Me Luck!
UniverSTAR Pretty Cure! Idols, Magic, Friendship, Music, Stars, Space, Astrology UniverSTARS Assemble!! GO! GO!
I'm Your Anpanman, You're My Anpanman
Pretty Cure: Love Yourself Mirrors, Emotions Speak To Me. Love Myself
Spring Day Pretty Cure! Healing, Elements Best Friends Together I Miss You
Magic Shop Pretty Cure! Magic, Fairy tales, Witches, Jewels Welcome To The Magic Shop! So Show Me, I SHOW YOU!
Lumiere Kiss
Prismagic☆Dream Pretty Cure! Colors, Rainbows, Jewels, Sky KIRAKIRA RAINBOW Colorful Happiness
Paint My Love!
Love♡Patrol Pretty Cure! Police, Detective, Witches, Alchemy TBA TBA
Map Of The Soul Pretty Cure: 7 Rings Idols, Magic, Friendship, Music, Stars, Space, Astrology TBA TBA
Future Nostalgia Pretty Cure Time, Music, Dance, Technology, Card Slot TBA TBA
Future Nostalgia Pretty Cure! 2.0: ELECTRIC LOVE Time, Music, Dance, Technology, Card Slot TBA TBA
Summer Sparkle! Pretty Cure! Summer, Colors, Sweets TBA TBA


Luminique (ルミニーク?) meaning light cycle challenge in French, based off the Unilever Lux's Luminique range.


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