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|ecolor = Dark Red
|ecolor = Dark Red
|hcolor = Gray
|hcolor = Gray
|home = [[Low Spirits Kingdom]]<br />[[Hell of Darkness]]
|home = '''[[Low Spirits Kingdom]]'''<br />'''[[Hell of Darkness]]'''
|appearance = [[AA!PC01]]
|appearance = [[AA!PC01]]
|tcolor = Black
|tcolor = Black

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Physical Information
Eye ColorDark Red
Hair ColorGray
Personal Information
Home PlaceLow Spirits Kingdom
Hell of Darkness
Villain Information
PowerDestroying Sky
Song of Sorrow
Theme ColorBlack
Anime Information
Season(s)Alto Astral! Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceAA!PC01

Lucifer is one of the antagonists and the main villain in Alto Astral! Pretty Cure!.

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