Love Storm (ラブストームRabu sutōmu) is Cure Ruby's second main attack in Diamond Precure! and is based on her symbol of passion. It denuted in episode 3. With Cure Sapphire's attack, Wisdom Wave , it becomes Miracle Power.


She forms a small heart with her fingers and then she pass it to her body and her head. Then she applaud in of all the sides) while a red light goes out of the hands then she collects all this power in a heart and sends it towards the enemy.



Ruby: 愛情の心は勝利である心を持って




Ruby: Aijō no kokoro wa shōridearu kokoro o motte

Ruby: Ai no watashi no pawā ni kimasu

Ruby: Purikyua Rabu Sutōmu


Ruby:A loving heart is a victorious heart!!!

Ruby: Come to me, Power of Love !!

Ruby: Precure Love Storm

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