SHEP01- The miracle has awaken Cure Heartful is born Saiko is a bright young girl who is clumsy but good at sports. Then one Monday after school, she met a princess from the Flower Kingdom named Hana and her fairy guides Avery, Berthie, Prizma, Catzy, Ruby and Topaz who are looking for the six legendary warriors known as the Pretty Cures. Saiko said she had a dream about that then, an evil woman from the Hopeless Kingdom named Tenma turned Saiko's crush 16-year-old Tsukihoshi Yuki turned into a monster called a Namida and collected all of his Despair Energy to revive the Dark tree and use the Star Book to merge with it and the all of the Despair Energy to destroy the universe. Then now that Avery is Saiko's new fairy partner and mascot she transformed to a Pretty Cure, Cure Heartful

SHEP02- The Diamonds and water of wisdom the birth of Cure Syren After Saiko became a Pretty Cure, she meets a shy and smart girl named Hanada Mizuki and told her that she was one of the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. Mizuki doesn't believe her at first then when Berthie became her Mascot and fairy partner she became the Second Cure, Cure Syren

SHEP03- The Shining Flower of hope- Cure Fluer Saiko and Mizuki think that Hana is a Pretty Cure since she's a princess and that Prizma is her mascot and fairy partner then since her older sister Maria is a statue and is in the Hopeless Kingdom who is a Pretty Cure defending the Flower Kingdom she became the third cure Cure Fluer

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