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Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 It's Just Begun! Calling Forth the Shining Prism! (始まったばかり! フォースザシャイニングプリズム! Hajimatta Bakari! Fōsu za Shainingu Purizumu!)

A year after Darkest Day, a war between the Precure and the revived Black Hole, it seems that unrest still stirs in the city of Yokohama. However as Aya Kyuseishu was about to discover, she was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Black Hole, Cure Hunter Feburary 6, 2024
02 Leave It to Me! A Bright Future for the Swimming Prism! (任せなさい! 水泳プリズムの明るい未来!Makase Nasai! Suiei Purizumu no Akarui Mirai!)

Sakura couldn't believe it, but her best friend Aya was able to become a Precure, the first one to appear after Darkest Day left all the Precure powerless. However Sakura couldn't help but notice the strange light had also chosen her. How is that so?

Cure Hunter Feburary 13, 2024
03 Danzen! The Emissaries of Light! (だんぜん! 光の使者 Danzen! Hikari no Shisha!)

With the newest team of Precure formed, it's time for Aya and Sakura to begin their quest by finding the missing Miracle Petals that make up the Prism Flower. But which Precure team do they find first? Why the original pair of Cures of course! {This episode is a tribute to Futari Wa Pretty Cure}

Cure Hunter Feburary 20, 2024
04 Glitterific~☆! An Intergalactic Treasure Hunt?! (キラやば~っ☆! 銀河間宝探し?! Kira Yaba~☆! Ginga-kan Takarasagashi?!)

Approached suddenly by the former Cure Cosmo Aya and Sakura find themselves blasting off into space in search of an unknown treasure. Unbeknownst to them, Cure Hunter is hot on their trail. {This episode is a tribute to Star Twinkle☆Pretty Cure}

Cure Hunter, Dark Onibi Feburary 27, 2024
05 A New Transfer?! The Twinkling Idol of Millennium Academy!(新しい乗り換え?! ミレニアムアカデミーのきらめくアイドル Atarashī Norikae? ! Mireniamu Akademī no Kirameku Aidoru)

It’s suddenly announced that Millennium Academy is getting three new transfer students: A girl named Hikari Sukui as well as former Precure members Ayumi Sakagami and Emiru Aisaki. Overjoyed at meeting more of her idols Aya starts setting up a welcoming party. Her excitement turns to confusion however when Ayumi suddenly confronts her with a strange request: Give up all the Prism Cards!

Fusion March 5, 2024
06 A Crash Course in Royalty?! The Regal Prism Takes The Stage! (王室のクラッシュコース? リーガルプリズムが舞台に! Ōshitsu no Kurasshukōsu? Rīgaru Purizumu ga Butai Ni!)

Taking charge of the new Precure team, Ayumi sets up a makeshift headquarters in her basement and dedicates herself to training Aya and Sakura into the best heroines they can be. Meanwhile, student council president Jou Kogo is told that a visitor from Noble Academy will be coming to visit the school and give a speech, Jou is tasked with showing her around. Jou winds up getting more than she bargained for though when the student in question turns out to be former Go Princess member Haruka Haruno. Meanwhile, a familiar looking cat fairy appears to be following them... {This episode is a tribute to Go! Princess Pretty Cure}

Fusion March 12, 2024
07 Here I Am! A Glittering Battle between Would-Be Rivals (ここにいるよ! ライバル同士のきらびやかな戦い Koko ni iru yo! Raibaru Dōshi no Kirabiyakana Tatakai)

After meeting Haruka and becoming a Precure, Jou begins to rededicate herself to her duties. Expressing concern over Mio Sakebu’s recent behavior she offers to help but is blown off. Jou instead chooses to monitor the girl in secret in hopes of finding something that could convince her but winds up making a startling discovery.

Fusion, Cure Hunter March 19, 2024
08 Mechokku! The Trio Prism Is Here! (メチョック! トリオプリズムが登場!Mechokku! Torio Purizumu ga Tōjō!)

While in the park with her little sister Mina, Hikari discovers what looks like a tapir shaped doll on the ground. Later finding out it’s a fairy named Yumeta who had been separated from his mother after Darkest Day. She was then approached by Aya, who revealed her identity to her and asked her to join them.

Hikari refuses, saying she respected the Precure but hates violence of any kind. She did agree to help Yumeta find his mother though, teaming up with Emiru to search. Running into Bottom instead Hikari is suddenly faced with a difficult choice. {This episode is a tribute to HUGtto Pretty Cure}

Bottom March 26, 2024
09 Light The Darkness! Mio and Hikari's Bond!(闇を照らせ! みおとひかりの絆! Yami o Terase! Mi oto Hikari no Kizuna!)

Losing yet another battle with the Precure but managing to snag the Cure Passion Prism Card in the process, Mio falls out of her transformation and collapses in the park. She’s discovered by a visiting Setsuna Higashi who takes pity on the girl and brings her to a nearby church where Hikari happens to be praying alone.

Despite knowing who she is, Hikari welcomes Mio and even starts to get her to open up about her late mother. Suddenly the three are attacked by Bottom and Dark Onibi, trapping them inside a massive hedge maze filled with traps. Can the girls work together and escape? {This episode is a tribute to Fresh Pretty Cure}

Bottom, Dark Onibi April 2, 2024
10 Freeze! The Officer With A Burning Passion!(凍結! 燃える情熱を持った将校!Tōketsu! Moeru Jōnetsu o Motta Shōkō!)

During her hunt for the Prism Cards, Mio winds up running afoul of Aya’s brother and YPD officer Kotaro Kyuseishu and a dangerous chase ensues. Meanwhile, the city begins gearing up for the yearly Grand Flower Festival where a quiz competition is being held. Hikari decides to enter and begins preparing herself while also having to put up with the previous champion Kasumi Ayamu.

Cure Hunter April 9, 2024
11 DokiDoki! Ayumi And The Selfish Hero!(ドキドキ! あゆみとわがままなヒーロー! Dokidoki! Ayumi to Wagamamana Hīrō!)

While on a shopping trip Ayumi comes across former DokiDoki members Mana Aida and Regina, winding up getting conned into becoming the former princess’s lackey for the day. To make matters worse, the two are suddenly attacked by Fusion and the Precure are nowhere in sight! {This episode is a tribute to DokiDoki Pretty Cure}

Fusion April 16, 2024
12 Open My Heart! The Grand Flower Festival! (オープンマイハート! グランドフラワーフェスティバル! Ōpen Mai Hāto! Gurando Furawā Fesutibaru!)

The Flower Festival has arrived! Hikari enters the quiz event with Aya as her partner, there they learn that the competition not only includes Kasumi but also former Heartcatch members Erika Kurumi and Yuri Tsukikage. Meanwhile, having gotten her hands on some left over Dark Matter from a previous battle Mio accidentally winds up bringing back a ghost from the past. {This episode is a tribute to Heartcatch Pretty Cure}

Cure Hunter April 23, 2024
13 Catch the Moment! Metamorphosis of a New Hero!(瞬間をキャッチ! 新しいヒーローの変身!Shunkan o Kyatchi! Atarashī Hīrō no Henshin!)

As the school winds down after the Grand Flower Festival, Maya Sanagi decided to take this time to water the flowers at the school's roof garden. However, she comes across a mysteriously injured spider fairy...

Bottom April 30, 2024
14 A Spring in Our Step! Trauuma's Troubling Spotlight! (私たちのステップの春! トラウマの厄介なスポットライト!Watashitachi no Suteppu no Haru! Torauma no Yakkaina Supottoraito!)

As the girls celebrate Maya joining the team, the group suddenly hear of a carnival coming to Yokohama. Little do they know that Traumma was back in town, and this time he's got back up... {This episode is a tribute to Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou! and Pretty Cure Dream Stars!}

Traumma, Karasu Tengu May 7, 2024
15 Wake Up! Sparkling Arrival to The Dream World! (ウェーク・アップ! 夢の世界に輝く到着!U~eiku Appu! Yume no Sekai ni Kagayaku Tōchaku!)

After fighting off Trauma and Karasu Tengu's combined assault, the Precure are flung into a mysterious world filled with cherry blossoms. There they come across a mysterious girl and her friend who seem to know the Precure very well... {This episode is a tribute to Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou! and Pretty Cure Dream Stars!}

Trauuma, Karasu Tengu May 21, 2024
16 Cure Up ↑RA♡PA☆PA! Saya’s Risky Mirage!

(CURE UP↑RA♡PA☆PA!〜! サヤの危険なミラージュ! Kyua Appu RaPaPa! Saya no Kiken'na Mirāju!)

Despite defeating Trauuma and Karasu Tengu, the Precure have no way of returning to the human world. Luckily, Sakura and Shizuku direct them to the neighboring world where they end up at a school for magicians and, after meeting the grand magician Kouchou, he agrees to send the girls home and even have Izayoi Riko give them the Mahou Tsukai Miracle Petal on one condition: they become students at Magic School! {This episode is a tribute to Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure}

Cure Hunter, Bottom May 28, 2024
17 Chaos in Magic World! Awakening the Illusionary Prism!(マジックワールドのカオス! 幻想的なプリズムの目覚め! Majikku Wārudo no Kaosu! Gensō-tekina Purizumu no Mezame!)

After Mio got her hands on the Mahou Tsukai Miracle Petal, she quickly used its magic to steal away the other Prism Cards from the Precure. All of course, except five... {This episode is a tribute to Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure}

Cure Hunter, Bottom June 4, 2024
18 Come on In! Formation of the Pretty Cure Fan Club!(どうぞいらっしゃい ! プリキュアファンクラブの結成!Dōzo irasshai! Purikyua Fankurabu no Kessei!)

After finally returning home with no time to spare, Aya decides to make a Precure Fan Club for all the Precure fans at Millennium Academy. Question is though, who would want to sign up for a club like that?

Fusion June 11, 2024
19 It’s Decided! The Businessman’s Strange Proposal!(決定! ビジネスマンの奇妙な提案! Kettei! Bijinesuman no Kimyōna Teian!)

With his personal business currently in the red, former Nightmare/Eternal employee Bunbee has moved his operations to Yokohama. He stumbles upon the Yes! 5 GoGo Prism Cards and, not quite understanding what they really were, decides to try selling them on the street as souvenirs in hopes of making some easy money.

As luck would have it, Jou happened to notice him first and inquires about the cards, introducing herself. Having heard of her family, Bunbee sees an opportunity and tells Jou he’ll give her the cards if she becomes his personal assistant for a few days. Jou reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Aya is showing Saya around when a certain pink haired girl literally runs into them.

{This episode is a tribute to Yes! Pretty Cure 5}

Cure Hunter June 18, 2024
20 Memories of No One, Mio’s Lost Page(誰の記憶、ミオの失われたページ Dare no Kioku, Mio no Ushinawareta Pēji)

Raita discovers Mio’s identity and disowns her in a fit of rage. Mio winds up fleeing after injuring her father, her identity is later made public and a warrant is put out for her arrest. To make matters worse she’s suddenly attacked by a bizarre looking Dark Matter and winds up being knocked off a cliff.

Returning from an errand Sakura happens to find Mio laying on the ground, alive but without her memories. Even stranger, this Mio seems a lot friendlier than the one Sakura is used to.

Dark Onibi June 25, 2024
21 A Promise Kept! The Enigmatic Clover (約束は守られた! 謎のクローバー Yakusoku wa Mamora Reta! Nazo no Kurōbā)

Hana Nono comes to town to visit Emiru and is shown around town by her and Maya first. They suddenly spy a mysterious boy who Hana seems to recognize but he vanishes soon after.

As it turns out, Dark Onibi is also hunting for this boy and Maya suddenly finds herself fighting alone against a formidable enemy. Meanwhile, a mysterious crow fairy appears and begins following Mio.

Bottom, Dark Onibi July 2, 2024
22 Blast Off! The True Power of the Miracle Lights!(飛び立つ! ミラクルライトの真の力!Tobitatsu! Mirakuru Raito no Shin no Chikara!)

Gathered on Earth, the three generals are contacted by Black Hole and dispatched to Planet Miracle in hopes of destroying the factory and weakening the Precure. Mio, spying on the group at the time and hearing about how the Miracle Lights can power up Precure, decides to follow them in hopes of claiming that power for her own. She disguises herself as an Asteroid and sneaks onboard.

EnEn, who also happened to be nearby and was hiding at the time, runs off to tell the others. To stop Black Hole, the Precure must blast off into space once again, this time with the help of Hikaru Hoshina and Lala Hagaromo.

Cure Hunter, Fusion, Bottom, Dark Onibi July 9, 2024
23 This is Terrible! Kotaro Finds Out! (これはひどいです! コタロウが発見!Kore wa Hidoidesu! Kotarō ga Hakken!)

After several weeks of her coming home more scuffed up than usual, Kotaro begins to suspect that Aya is hiding something. So he begins to follow his little sister around in hopes of keeping her safe from whatever is hurting her. Can Aya keep her secret as a Precure intact, or will this drive a wedge between her and her brother?

Mio, Dark Onibi July 16, 2024
24 I Can't Transform?! Iona’s Test and Aya’s Resolve (変身できない?! アイオナのテストとアヤの決意! Henshin Dekinai? ! Aiona no Tesuto to Aya no Ketsui!)

With Kotaro acting colder than usual after discovering, and chastising Aya for her identity as a Precure, it's put a damper on the girl to the point where she couldn't even transform. So when she's confronted by former Happiness Charge member Iona Hikawa she's given an ultimatum: Either beat and or survive her attacks and become a Precure, or leave that behind and return to a normal life... {This episode is a tribute to Happiness Charge Precure}

Cure Hunter, Dark Onibi July 23, 2024
25 Lalala~♪ Maya’s Big Debut-nya! (ラララ~♪マヤのデビュー作にゃー!Rarara~♪ Maya no Debyū-saku-nya ̄ !)

With the upcoming Millennium Idol singing contest, each of the classes are trying to find their representative for this competition. So when Sakura finds Maya singing alone, she asks her to become their class' representative. But when the girl gets a case of stage fright, a couple of girls and a cat come to help! {This episode is a tribute to Suite Precure}

Fusion July 30, 2024
26 Precure in Wonderland?! An Ultra Happy Adventure (不思議の国でプリキュア?! ウルトラハッピーアドベンチャー Fushiginokuni de Purikyua? ! Urutora Happī Adobenchā)

During a chance meeting with the Smile team, the girls are suddenly trapped inside a story book by Dark Onibi and Joker; forcing them to work together in order to escape {This episode is a tribute and crossover with Smile Precure}

Dark Onibi, Joker August 6, 2024
27 Deep Below! The Mystical Kingdom of the Sea! (深い下! 神秘の海の王国! Fukai-ka! Shinpi no Umi no Okoku!)

Attacked by Bottom while on a trip with Sakura’s family the Precure are thrown into the sea! They’re rescued and brought to a hidden underwater kingdom, which is currently suffering from a mysterious disease. Thankfully for the Precure, they got some ancient help... {This episode is a tribute to Dino Spirits Precure}

Bottom August 13, 2024
28 Ancient Precure! The Secret of the Prism Flower (古代のプリキュア! プリズムフラワーの秘密! Kodai no Purikyua! Purizumu Furawā no Himitsu!)

One day, the Miracle Petal cards they’ve gathered so far suddenly begin to glow brightly, transporting the Precure to a mysterious island. There they meet an old fairy named Melan who tells them they were brought here by the will of the Prism Flower itself so they could learn from the past and be better prepared for what’s to come.

Melan then begins to recount the tale of how the Prism Flower came to be and of Cure Hope, the leader of the very first Precure team who fought over 1000 years ago.

Black Hole, Shadow Lord August 20, 2024
29 Legendary Gathering! The Darkest Day (伝説の集い! 暗黒の日 Densetsu no Tsudoi! Ankoku no Hi)

Still stuck on Melan’s island for the time being, Ayumi begins to tell the group just what happened a year ago on Darkest Day, and of her greatest failure as a Precure.

Black Hole August 27, 2024
30 Face Your Fears! The Truth about Mio! (恐怖に立ち向かう! ミオの真実!Kyōfu ni Tachimukau! Mio no Shinjitsu!)

Attacked by Fusion and Bottom and her mind still reeling over her now conflicting memories, Mio takes shelter in a cave. Taking a moment to compose herself she begins to recollect her life both before and after Darkest Day and how she obtained her current powers.

Fusion, Bottom September 3, 2024
31 Let's ・La・Mix It All Up! The Queen's Big Battle! (レッツ・ラ・まぜまぜ! 女王の大バトル! Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze! Joō no Dai Batoru!)

Still unsure of what she wants to do with her life, Jou decided to try out a job of tutoring. After helping Maya with her summer homework, they about a strange patisserie shop that’s suddenly popped up in the middle of town.{This episode is a tribute to KiraKira Precure A La Mode}

Dark Onibi September 10, 2024
32 Good Luck! The Multi-School Decathlon! (がんばろう! マルチスクール十種競技! Ganbarou! Maruchi-Sukūru Jisshukyōgi!)

A massive decathlon is being held with multiple schools competing. Hikari of course decides to enter and convinces Aya, Sakura, and Ayumi to join her. Aya turns out to be rather clumsy at sports however so Hikari volunteers to train her. However, Hikari’s faith will soon be put to the test when she suddenly becomes the target of Dark Onibi. {This episode is a tribute to Sporty Precure}

Dark Onibi, Bottom September 17, 2024
33 I Gotta Know! The Search for the Precure's Identities! (わかった! プリキュアの身元を探せ!Wakatta! Purikyua no Mimoto o Sagase!)

Speculations been booming throughout the school about who the Precure are, especially due to the rumors of one of them being in this very school

Ota, who was just as curious as the others, decides to take it upon himself to discover their identity as he pulls on his family's history as ace detectives

Cure Hunter September 24, 2024
34 Shout Out! Return of the Singing Prism! (大声で叫ぶ! 歌うプリズムの帰還!Ōgoe de Sakebu! Utau Purizumu no Kikan!)

After weeks of experimenting on Cure Echo’s Prism Card, Dark Onibi devises a plan with Fusion to separate the currently powerless Ayumi from the Precure and eliminate her once and for all.

Dark Onibi, Fusion October 1, 2024
35 Digicool! Ayumi's Precure Training Regime! (デジヤバ! あゆみのプリキュアトレーニング体制! Dejiyaba! Ayumi no Purikyua Torēningu Taisei!)

With her powers finally restored, Ayumi takes her friends to a secluded beach for some serious training exercises. Meanwhile, Dark Onibi decides to try a different target, one he thinks the Precure won’t be able to fight against when a mysterious scientist from another world makes himself known... {This episode is a tribute to Cyberverse Precure}

Dark Onibi, Akihiro Kurata October 8, 2024
36 Where Do I Stand? Mio's Great Dilemma (私はどこに立っていますか? ミオの大ジレンマ Watashi wa Doko Ni Tatte Imasu Ka? Mio no Dai Jirenma)

With her life in shambles and still trying to reconcile her new memories with her increasingly dwindling hatred for the Precure, Mio is starting to question everything she’s been doing now.

Suddenly, she’s approached by Dark Onibi who assures her that she’s on the right path and that getting too close to the Precure will only cause her to be betrayed like her mother was. He then offers her a deal, saying he can bring back her mother in exchange for the life of a single Precure. Even Kage seems to be against this idea but with nothing left to lose Mio accepts and chooses her target: Cure Echo.

Dark Onibi October 15, 2024
37 Burning Bright! The Dark Prism Arises! (燃える明るい! ダークプリズムが登場!Moeru Akarui! Dāku Purizumu ga Tōjō!)

Dark Onibi has possessed Mio’s Hunter Blade and transformed her into an out of control Minikan that’s now attacking everything in sight. With the Precure backed into a corner, Ayumi suddenly undoes her transformation willingly and begins to approach Mio.

Fusion, Bottom, Dark Onibi October 22, 2024
38 Arienai! A Dangerous Revival! (ありえな~い!! 危険な復活! Ariena~i!! Kiken'na Fukkatsu!)

As Yokohama prepares for a Halloween celebration Mio has other things on her mind, believing that she has no right to be a Precure after everything she’s done'; something which Jou seems to agree with. Meanwhile, furious at the continued failure of his underlings and the appearance of yet another Precure, Black Hole decides his organization needs some new blood, summoning a particularly nasty bunch back from the abyss.

Fusion, Close, Yogantsume, Northa, Dune, Gekidrago October 29, 2024
39 Shining Forth! A New Power Emerges!

(シャイニングフォース! 新しい力が現れます! Shainingu Fōsu! Atarashī Chikara ga Arawaremasu!)

With their 8th and final member obtained the Precure are suddenly visited by Melan, who tells them that in order to restore the Prism Flower they must first awaken a Miracle Petal of their very own. Unfortunately, neither she nor the Cures have any idea how to go about accomplishing that.

Later, returning from an errand Aya and Mio are suddenly confronted by Kotaro and the police, forcing them to go on the run together. Meanwhile, Maya discovers a small fairy named Porun, who explains he came from the Garden of Light but got lost and needs to find his partner. {This episode is a tribute to Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart}

Fusion, Bottom November 6, 2024
40 Make a Splash! The Fate of Atlantis Aquarium (スプラッシュを作ります! アトランティス水族館の運命 Supurasshu o Tsukurimasu! Atorantisu Suizokukan no Unmei)

With her parents on the verge of losing the aquarium Saya convinces Sakura to put on a show in an attempt to save it, the others agreeing to help as well. Unfortunately for Sakura, a certain other sea creature currently has her in his sights. {This is a tribute to Healin' Good Precure}

Fusion, Bottom November 13, 2024
41 Wait What?! Noble's Leaving Millenium Academy?! (ちょっと待って!? ノーブルの退去ミレニアムアカデミー?!Chottomatte! ? Nōburu no Taikyo Mireniamu Akademī? !)

After careful deliberation, Jou announces to everyone that she’s stepping down as student council president and leaving after the semester to study abroad in America in hopes of becoming a teacher, nominating Mio to take her place. Everyone is shocked by this but wishes Jou the best. However, privately Jou still has some lingering doubts. She doesn’t have time to think about it long though as she comes home to discover she’s suddenly gained a new roommate: a small white dog fairy {This episode is a tribute to Yes Precure 5 GoGo}

Bottom November 19, 2024
42 Hocus Pocus! Saya's Unforgettable Performance! (まやかし! さやの忘れられないパフォーマンス!Mayakashi! Saya no Wasurerarenai Pafōmansu!)

Hearing about an upcoming talent show Saya decides it’s the perfect opportunity to put her skills to the test. Meanwhile, a furious Black Hole tells Dark Onibi he has one last chance to prove himself. Desperate and running low on tricks the director sets his sights on Saya, determined to crush the young magician’s dreams once and for all.

Dark Onibi November 26, 2024
43 The Blessing of Nature! Maya Spreads Her Wings (自然の恵み! マヤは翼を広げる Shizen'no Megumi! Maya wa Tsubasa wo Hirogeru!)

in her continuing attempts to better herself Maya goes to a secluded spot in the woods and begins to train when she notices another girl nearby sketching her.

As it turns out, the girl was the former Cure Egret Mai Mishou. After hearing Maya’s story, Mai takes her to meet some close friends of hers, a pair of twins who also once questioned their place in the world. Meanwhile, determined to crush the Precure once and for all Bottom begged Black Hole to give him back his old body. Black Hole agreed but said this was the demon’s last chance, transforming Bottom and sending him on a rampage. {This episode is a tribute to Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star}

Bottom December 3, 2024
44 Aim For The Top! Hikari VS Kasumi (トップを目指せ! 光VSかすみ Toppu o Mezase! Hikari VS Kasumi)

Since his first encounter with the revived Cure Echo, Fusion was placed under even more severe brainwashing than before. However, since then Fusion noticed that he’s starting to lose control of himself more and more. Meanwhile, with finals coming up and more determined than ever to reestablish her dominance Kasumi makes a bet with Hikari.

Fusion December 10, 2024
45 Seize It! Our Own Light!

(それをつかむ! 私たち自身の光!Sore o Tsukamu! Watashitachi Jishin no Hikari!)

It’s Christmas time in Yokohama but Aya isn’t in a very festive mood. She still can’t figure out why her Miracle Card won’t activate and feels like she’s letting her late sister down. Suddenly, she’s attacked and kidnapped by Fusion who brings her to a strange dimension.

Fusion December 17, 2024
46 Yabei! Black Hole's Impending Arrival! (やべい!ブラックホールの差し迫った到着!Burakku Hōru no Sashisematta Tōchaku!)

Aya wonders why the Prism Hearts Miracle Petal appeared but Ayumi didn’t get her own Miracle Form. Ayumi tells her not to worry about it and focus on their mission of restoring the Prism Flower.

Meanwhile, despite having lost two of his generals, enough despair had still been gathered from the human world to cause the seal placed on Black Hole’s powers to begin to weaken. In an effort to break it completely Black Hole orders all of his remaining forces to launch a full scale assault on Yokohama.

Black Hole January 7, 2025
47 An Angel’s Tears! Ayumi Vs Fusion (天使の涙! あゆみとフュージョン Tenshi no Namida! Ayumi tai Fu~yūjon)

Separated after Black Hole’s attack, the Precure begin making their way through the now occupied city, each encountering and teaming up with one of their predecessors along the way in order to help the remaining people escape.

Meanwhile, Ayumi made it home when suddenly her house was invaded by a squad of Asteroids. Ayumi fought them off with the help of Emiru but wound up revealing herself to her mother in the process. Leaving to find her friends Ayumi ran into Fusion once again who was now completely out of control.

Fusion January 14, 2025
48 Henshin! The Prism Flower is Restored! (変身! プリズムフラワーが復元されました! Henshin! Purizumu Furawā Ga Fukugen Sa Remashita!)

With all the Miracle Petals and Prism Cards now in their possession, the Cures are finally ready to restore the Prism Flower and bring light back to the world.

Meanwhile, Akio Tomakashi still harbored resentment towards the Precure and at this point felt like Black Hole was the best thing that could have happened to this wretched world. Going over Raita’s head he suddenly issued an ultimatum: All known Precure were to be rounded up and arrested on sight!

Black Hole January 21, 2025
49 Forever Friends! The Brightest Light (永遠の友達! 最も明るい光 Eien no Tomodachi! Mottomo Akarui Hikari!)

The seal is broken. Black Hole has regained his true power and now threatens to swallow the entire world. Even the reborn Prism Flower is now in danger of being snuffed out. However, even in the darkest hour a single ray of hope still shines...

Black Hole January 28, 2025
50 One More Battle! Heritage of the Future (もう一つの戦い! 未来の遺産 Mōhitotsu no Tatakai! Mirai no Isan)

In the middle of a forest, a lone Asteroid wakes up. Confused, it stumbles around and suddenly comes upon a small pool of Dark Matter.

Meanwhile, the Precure are helping rebuild the city while also getting things ready for Jou’s going away party. Suddenly they’re attacked by a strange monster....and rescued by an even stranger girl!

Kagemaru February 4, 2025
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