Here are the list of episode for Precure All Stars Dream Stage

Episodes Titles
#1 It's just a beginning?!Re-gathering the big team!
#2 Team Collaboration! The Great Operation for Searching Notes!
#3 The flower that shines throughout the world! Bloom! the Precure of flowers!
#4 Hopes and miracles! The two the different roses filled with wishes!
#5 The city is being attacked?! The enemies' big plan!

The dance of happiness! The Precure of Happiness makes their debut!

#7 Hearthrobbing excitement! The Precure of love has appeared!
#8 The light of life! And the comes the colorful rainbow!
#9 Our feelings reflected in the mirror! The Miraculous and the Precure of Mirrors has appeared!
#10 Good day to all of you! The Precure of Dreams greets the group!

An exciting encounter! Cure Up Rapapa! The Precure of Magic's magical show!

#12 We love sweets! The Precure of Sweets are ready to serve!
#13 Aim for a better tommorow! Believe in it! The Precure of Destinies are here!
#14 Fiona's secret! The Precure All Stars are once again formed!

Our personal choice! Who's going to be our leader??

#16 We're moving out! The Precure's new secret hideout!
#17 We're not blending in?? Fiona's first Precure lesson!

I miss them! The Crystal Fairies ran away?

#19 Echos of the sad heart! I don't know what to do!
#20 The Precure appeared in public! We were this popular??