Episode Tittle Story
1. Element Power. I became Pretty Cure Famous singer Arite Rei met a mysterious bunny Hikari and her friend Burning and transform in Cure Truth.
2. Cinderella in a story. Can I do it? Rei is playing CIndetella in a theater play. She is worried about it and Hikari is trying to help her.
3. Idol, Student, Pretty cure. It's hard to do everything Rei is very tired because her school, idol and pretty cure work. Hikari and Burning are worried about her and are searching for her partner. 
4. Burning! The birth of Cure Firey. Rei's best friend Yamakato Tarika noticed that Rei is hiding something. She met Burning and he had a feeling that Tarika is second cure. Tarika saw Rei transforming and transform in Cure Firey.
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