Be careful! Linked may include spoiler about the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Read on your own risk!
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceLand of Goddesses
Anime Information
SeasonLegendary Warrior Pretty Cure
First AppearancePrologue (cameo)
SeiyuuKaji Yūki (梶 裕貴)

Linkedリンケッド」is a minor character appearing in Legendary Warrior Pretty Cure. Linked was the legendary hero that was mortally wounded during his fight against Calamity Gammon. After he has been wounded, he disappeared for unknown reasons.

He is also referred as Ancient Hero (古代の英雄 Kodai no eiyū?) by some.



  • Princess of Wisdom: As her personal guard, Linked has been close to the princess ever since he was ordered as her guard. He was always right next to her, even if she told him to stay away. Linked wasn't just well aware of his duty, but also worried the princess might not like her. But after an incident, the two got closer. Then, as Calamity Gammon returned, the princess sent the wounded knight to the Shrine of Beginning before facing Calamity Gammon.
  • Kobayashi Hiro: The Ancient Hero was the knight that fought along side with the princess against the calamity evil. However, the day he got mortally wounded, the hero disappeared and was no where to be found. Hiro, even though he didn't know it, carries the soul of the Ancient Hero.


Linked (リンケッド?) - Linked is a pun to the English word "linked". Definitions of linked can be "marked by linkage and especially genetic linkage" or "having or provided with links".[1] Linked also comes from the English word "(to) link" which is another word for "connection". However, Linked is more a reference towards the main character of the The Legend of Zelda games; Link.


  • Linked is voiced by Kaji Yūki, who also voiced Link in Hyrule Warriors Legends.


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