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Lapis Re:Lights★Pretty Cure
Series Information
Kanji ラピスリライツ★プリキュア
Romaji Rapisu Riraitsu★Purikyua
Director Yamashiro Harumi
Studio Wonderdream Animation Studios
Network TrueƆolor Anime
Original Run 2021-
Episodes Unknown
Opening Theme Song Watashitachi no STARTRAIL
Ending Theme Song Depends on Episode's Focus.
Your Lights (If Focused on LiGHTs)
RISE (If Focused on supernova)
Kinki no Gūwa (If Focused on IV KLORE)
Watashi no Hatsukoi wo Kono Hana ni Sasagu (If Focused on Konohana wa Otome)
Chat Noir (If Focused on Sugar Pockets)
Are Many Chance!!! (If Focused on Sadistic★Candy)
Theme/Motif(s) Magic, Idols, Witches
Series Guide
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Lapis Re:Lights★Pretty Cure (ラピスリライツ★プリキュア?) is yet another comeback fan series created by Shimamori Amira but this time, also being the first one under her new pen name, Yamashiro Harumi.

It's main theme is idols with a magical twist.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were an idol in an academy for witches-in-training? Well, think again. You'll also have fight evil-doers who plan to steal the witches' magic.


DISCLAIMER: All characters resemble the original Lapis Re:Lights Characters. Credits to the Lapis Re:Lights Wikia.

Pretty Cure


  • Tiara (ティアラ?) - The leader of LiGHTs and overall the main character of the series. Tiara is a bright girl who wishes to cheer people up with her singing. Her alter ego is Cure Tiara (キュアチィアラ?) and her signature colour is red.
  • Rosetta (ロゼッタ?) - A honours student in the top 3 of her classes. Rosetta is Tiara’s childhood friend. Her alter ego is Cure Glory (キュアグローリー?) and her signature colour is blue.
  • Lavie (ラヴィ?) - Lavie is a very self-confident girl, dubbed the "Special Class Ace". She is able to play all kind of sports. Her alter ego is Cure Showtime (キュアショータイム?) and her signature colour is yellow.
  • Ashley (アシュレイ?) - Ashley is a young lady from a family of knights, who claims that "being a witch is a step towards becoming a knight". Her alter ego is Cure Knight (キュアナイト?) and her signature colour is purple.
  • Lynettte (リネット?) - Lynette is a member of the library committee. She also loves reading books. Her alter ego is Cure Bookworm (キュアブックワーム?) and her signature colour is green.


  • Emilia (エミリア?) - Emilia is the daughter of a succubus, a subspecies of human. Upon entering the Public Morals Committee, she aimed to regulate the romance between schoolgirls. Because she led a mostly sheltered life, she is unfamiliar of the public and is fairly naïve. She enjoys shoujo manga. Her alter ego is Cure Demon (キュアデーモン?) and her signature colour is lavender.
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