黒ウィザード Kurou~izādo

Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorIndigo
Home PlaceFanciful Kingdom (birthplace)

Desolate Castle (after banishment)

RelativesPrincess Kokona (daughter)

Cure Fantasia (ancestor)

Dead End (ancestor)

Theme ColorWhite (formerly)


Power(s)Light Magic (formerly)

Dark Magic

Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPCPrologue (cameo)


SeiyuuNaoya Uchida

Kouzai Aisaki (愛咲光在 Aisaki Kōzai), also known as, Kuroizado (黒ウィザード Kurou~izādo) is the primary antagonist of Fairytale Pretty Cure!. He is also the ruler of Desolate Castle , creator of the Dark Charm Knights, and the father of Princess Kokona. Kuroizado was once the Royal Wizard of Fanciful Kingdom and the apprentice of Hikaru Ōmitsu as well as Kuiru's mentor in the art of light magic and Bukku's first and only friend. But, after he was banished for using dark magic, Kuroizado swore to get revenge and released Dead End from his prison to throw the world into darkness.


Before the start of the series, Kuroizado was mentored by Hikaru as Fanicful Kingdom's newest Royal Wizard. So time during this Kuroizado and Hikaru mentored Kuiru in the art of light magic and preparation of when he becomes the new king. Sometime later, Hikaru leaves Fanciful Kingdom to be with a human girl in Yūkibarano named Juri Ōmitsu and Kuroizado became the Royal Wizard. Sometime after, Kuroizado met Bukku and the two of them become close friends. Kuroizado trusted him enough to show him his greatest achievement in dark magic and the two started working together to master it in hopes of better the kingdom and giving Bukku the ability to use magic like all the other fairies.


King Sutori and Queen Peiji discovered Kuroizado involvement in the forbidden magic and feared that he was going down a dark path that would only bring destruction and chaos. Regrettably, they decided to banish Kuroizado in hopes of preventing history to repeat itself. However, Kuroizado grew in raged and went off to free the first dark magic master, Dead End, from his prison. Reluctantly, he succeeded and used his newfound knowledge and power of dark magic to create the Dark Charm Knights and overthrow Fanciful Kingdom.


Before the start of the series, Kuroizado was a tall, thin man with a pale complexion and elf-ears. He had messy, jet-black hair with a cowlick, thick eyebrows, and a chin puff. He had indigo-coloured eyes. After being banished and consumed by dark magic, Kuroizado's skin turned a pale grey with his hair covering his left eye with dark blue triangle-shaped marking under his eyes.

As the Royal Wizard, Kuroizado wore a white wizard cloak with a single indigo-coloured stripe on each side, held together by a golden chain adored with deep blue jewels, and a midnight blue kimono underneath, and curled toe shoes.

After being banished, Kuroizado wears a pure-black cloak with dark indigo stripes and a pale blue kimono.


Before his banishment, Kuroizado was a easygoing and light-hearted man full of wisdom and a strong sense of justice who showed kindness to all living things and believed that there is hidden magic in everyone. He also loved Fanciful Kingdom with all his heart and wished to better it and follow it to flourish like never before. But, after Kuroizado was banished, he became bitter, enraged, and his mind became warped with the desire to plunge Fanciful Kingdom into darkness and make the King and Queen suffer for banishing him.


Princess Kokona - Kuroizado's daughter. Her safety means a lot to Kuroizado and he is a bit overprotective of her and fears for her safety when he loses control and when Kokona says that she had met Imari.

Bukku - Kuroizado was Bukku's first real friend and were very close. They had a father-son relationship.

Kuiru - Kuiru's former mentor.

Hikaru Ōmitsu - Kuroizado's former mentor and predecessor as the Royal Wizard. They were assumed to be very close.


Before the start of the series, Kuroizado was known as the most powerful wizard in Fanicful Kingdom, having mastered light magic. After mastering dark magic, his powers and ability have become unlimited with the ability to create beings from pure magic and turn hopeful and joyful beings dark.

In Episode 21, it appears that Kuroizado doesn't completely have a handle on his newfound power in dark magic and can lose control of his it. He has to been contained by the Dark Charm Knights.


Kuroizado: (黒ウィザード ) becomes from the words Kuro and U~izādo which mean "black wizard". The nickname comes from parts of his first name, Kouzai. Kuroizado.

Kouzai: (光在) means "both good and evil", which can reflect him being good but turning evil. His name also reflect the light and dark conflict between his ancestors, Cure Fantasia and Dead End.


  • Kuroizado is 176cm tall
  • Kuroizado was the most powerful wizard in Fanciful Kingdom
  • Kuroizado was mentored by Nijiko's father, Hikaru
  • Kuroizado trained Kuiru
  • Kuroizado was Bukku's first real friend
  • Kuroizado was the second being to discover dark magic
    • The first being Dead End
  • It is revealed in Episode 34 that Kuroizado is just a nickname
    • Hikaru gave him the nickname and is ended up sticking
  • In Episode 34, it is revealed that Kuroizado is the descendant of Cure Fantasia
  • In Episode 35, it is revealed that Kuroizado is the descendant of Dead End


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