Kurohane Eren
Anime-girl-with-long-black-hair-long-hair-description-blue-eyes-long-hair-shirts-coffeekizoku-simple (1)
Kanji 黒羽絵連
Romaji Kurohane Eren
Season Pretty Cure RPM
Physical Info
Age 14
Gender female
Hair Color Black (Eren)
Violet (Cure Gear)
with slate gray Ombre (Overdrive Gear)
Eye Color Black (Eren)
Violet (Cure Gear)
Purplish Black (Overdrive Gear)
Personal Info
Home Place Himitsu Town
Relatives Kuraidendo Tenaya (adopted twin sister)
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Gear
Overdrive Gear
Element German Shepherd
Loyalty Pretty Cure
Theme Color Black
Violet & White (subs)
Anime Information
First Appearance [[PCRPM02]]
Seiyū Ito Kanae

Kurohane Eren (黒羽絵連 Kurohane Eren?) is one of the cures in Pretty Cure RPMHer cure ego is Cure Gear (キュアギヤ Kyua Giya?). Nicknamed the "Chaser," she was an excellent marksmanship and a passion for justice which she was the smartest of all.


Eren's appearance was resembled to RPM's civilian form but it had form were black, gray, and violet. She had black eyes and hair, sane as Akane's.

As Cure Gear, her form was resembled to RPM Black but it had her form were black with violet and gray accents. Her hair was violet, tied in a black hair accessories with white and thistle accents, violet eyes, and she had white earrings with gray accents.


Eren is the smartest at all. She is good at studies, sports, & academics but she loves to follow the cures which is a RPM cures. Her code name as a police officer was "Beautiful Detective," and she passed herself off as such until her former partner revealed that Eren had never been a detective. She decides he wants to help and quits the police force (because the police had considered the Venjix out of their jurisdiction) and tells the Cured this but is refused. Eren decided that the police had lost their sense of justice. She then decides the Cures are unfit to be heroes and kidnaps Doctor Kris while stealing the Engines. Doctor Kris explains to him how the three were chosen and eventually decides to help the Cures by returning the Engine Casts to them the moment they need it most. Bomper decides to make him the fifth Cure Operator, Cure Gear, alongside with Midorogawa Yuriko who becomes the fourth Cure Operator, Cure Blow. Eren does not like sweets, but after she tasted a special cake Hikaru Rina had made, she found it delicious and eagerly accepted a slice. After the final battle, Eren returns to the police force and finally becomes a detective.

Eren initially belittles Haruka Minako, Aosora Nami, and Saki for being "just" kids and claims that she is "a woman more qualified to be a Cure." Though Kanae Ito, the voice actor who portrays Gunpei, is indeed older than Hitomi Yoshida, who plays Rina (and is one of three cast members under the age of 20; Aizawa Rina and Yumi Sugimoto are the other two), he is, ironically, younger than both Mai Kadowaki and Kana Ueda, the actors who voices Minako and Nami respectively.


Cure Gear

"Dash Dynamic! Cure Gear!"
ダッシュ豪快! キュアギヤ!
Dasshu gōkai! Kyua Giya!

Cure Gear (キュアギヤ Kyua Giya?) is Yuriko's cure ego. She represented by the wolf.







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