The Koneko Academy(子猫学園, Koneko Gakuen) is the school, which Anzu, Miu, Hoshi and Kaori are going to. They are going to the middle school. Anzu's older sister, Hikari goes to the high school.


The school is divided into two sections: the middle school and the high school. The middle school has a hockey field, music rooms, math classrooms, science classrooms, a flower garden. The school also has a cafeteria. The high school has the same rooms and many more.


Anzu school

The uniform for girls consists of a white top with a white sailor collar, a pink ribbon, and a dark blue skirt. The girls are have to wear white stockings and some ribbons. Most of the girls, wear the ribbon in thei hair. This is the summer uniform. The winter uniform looks similar, but over of the white top with the white sailor collar, is a black Jacked. The pink ribbon at the collar disapears.

Noteable Students

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