Kokyokokyu Aria
Kanji 交響曲アリア
Romaji Kōkyōkyoku Aria
Nickname(s) Arianna
Also known as: Maria Arianna Kokyokokyu Scott (マリアアリアナ交響曲・スコット Maria Ariana Kōkyōkyoku Sukotto?)
Season Prism Power Pretty Cure!
Physical Info
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Magical Girl
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Info
Home Place Fantaisie Petillante
Birthplace Nijiirohoseki
Occupation(s) Student
Affiliation(s) PuriPawa
Class Spades
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Harmony
Super Form(s) Glimmering Harmony
Sparkling Harmony
Form Change(s) Dewberry Diva
Item(s) Prism Palette
Weapon(s) Prism Wand
Element Amethyst
Power Music
Loyalty Colorful World
Crystallographic Kingdom
Pretty Cure
Theme Color Purple
Anime Information
First Appearance PrPwPC01

Kokyokokyu Aria (交響曲アリア Kōkyōkokyu Aria?) (born as Maria Arianna Kokyokokyu Scott; stage name: Arianna "Aria" Scott) is one of the main protagonists in Prism Power Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Harmony (キュアハーモニー Kyua Hāmonī?) and she is the purple Cure of music.

General Information


Aria is American-Asian member who is the singer in the shows. She has a strong passion of music and she likes to play musical instruments. She is excellent in dancing and singing when she is 7 years old. Before the series started, she was living currently in Fantaisie Petillante and the halfway of the first episode, she is living in Nijihoseki to meet her relatives. She has a close friends with Ame as called the duo as Amearia and some friends called her as Rockstar.


Aria has shoulder-length wavy purple hair always held in a white ribbon.

As Cure Harmony, her hair drastically longer and more wavy. Her hairstyle remains same but it replaced with purple ribbon with white details and an amethyst gemstone at center.



Pretty Cure

Cure Harmony

Purple represents the color of music! Amethyst crystal! Cure Harmony!

Cure Harmony (キュアハーモニー Kyua Hāmonī?) is the pretty cure ego of Aria. She represents the purple Cure of music and she holds the purple Amethyst.

Dewberry Diva



Pretty Cure! Prism Power! is Aria's transformation phrase in Prism Power Pretty Cure!.






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