Koko Diva Pretty Cure! (or Here Diva Pretty Cure! in the English Dub) is another precure series. The themes revolve around world culture. The series takes place in Finland, most of the time in Germany, Turkey, or Bosnia.


Pinkki Neilikka/Cure Utau - A Finnish girl who likes anime. Her theme color is pink.

Puna Punainen/Cure Fire - Pinkki's best friend. Her theme color is orange.

Amber Feige/Cure Diva - A German girl who is friends with Pinkki. Her color is yellow.

Yeşil Nane/Cure Leaf - A Turkish girl who is friends with Amber. Her color is green.

Rin Plavo/Cure Marina - A Bosnian girl who is best friends with Yeşil. Her theme color is blue.

Nari Jung/Cure Spark - She is a girl who came from Korea and a friend of Pinkki Neilikka. Her alter ego is Cure Spark and her theme colour is purple.

Xiao Kaihua/Cure Bravery: A cure from China. She is a friend and (SUPER) fangirl of the cures. She talks  about them alot, but it doesn't get annoying. She is really really nice , but she is clumsy and gets hurt alot and gets in trobule even if she is a okay student. She has flaws, but she still has a smile on her face! 

She became a Precure when she felt bravery. She became the pretty cure of never giving up, Cure Bravery! Now that she is a pretty cure, Pinkki accepted her as her friend. 

Her theme color is White. 

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