Koizumi Sora
is part of Prism Pretty Cure! and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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Koizumi Sora
Koizumi Sora profile
Biographical Information
Season Prism Pretty Cure!
Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Also known as Four Eyes (by Kokoro)
Glasses (by Sayuri)
Fanboy (by Castor)
Home Place Hinanshokibo
Birthday July 14
Zodiac Cancer
Age 14
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Height 155 cm
Blood Type B
Eye Color Pale-Purple
Hair Color Blue
Jewel Heart Pearl
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Hoshizora Academy
(Astronomy Club)
Class 2-S
Personal Status
Relatives Koizumi Kokoro
(older sister)
Hobbies Idol Concerts
Favorite Food Parfaits
Anime "Wish Upon A Star" (episode 1)
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Kamiya

Koizumi Sora (pronounced Ko-e-zoo-me Soar-a) is one of the supporting characters in Prism Pretty Cure!. He currently Hoshizora Academy as a member of the Astronomy Club as well as taking on various duties at school (class representative, etc.). Sora is also the younger brother of Koizumi Kokoro.



Sora appears as a neat, young teen primarily dressed in blue, brown and some white. He has messy blue hair that is impossible to comb over neatly, much to his dismay, and pale-purple coloured eyes. He also wears brownish-red frame glasses. His usual attire consists of a dark blue-black shirt with a white pooka-dotted design, brown jean and dress shoes.


At Hoshizora Academy, Sora wears the boy's standard uniform: a black gakuen with a trio of purple, white and yellow strips around the left arm and black shoes. He doesn't wear any other alternative clothing and likes to keep his jacket zipped.


A serious, logical and intellectual individual who has a tendency to overthink things. Sora often considers himself as mature and attempts to maintain his so called "role" within the group. Ironically enough, he's terrible at hiding his thoughts through his facial expressions and is an eccentric idol otaku, particularly fawning over Aine and Miho alike.



Koizumi Kotone - Sora's older sister.


Koshiki Miho - Since their families are close friends, Sora and Miho have known each other since birth and are thus childhood friends. Miho acknowledges Sora as someone very special to her, and occasionally make remarks about his manliness or otaku-like nature. However, she is always ready with advice whenever she notices the subtle hints he leaves when distracted. Sora, on the other hand, respects Miho's confidence and would defend anyone who speaks ill of her. The also two frequently exchange remarks with one another. It is heavily hinted that Sora has a crush on Miho, despite his accusation that he likes Aine.

Yukimura Aine - [Sora appears to be on good terms with Aiko, respecting and idolizing Aiko while being is the president of her fan club; Aiko appears to also respect Sora for his serious attitude and very enthusiastic encouragement. They are first seen interacting each other when Sora greets Aiko with a swarm of students.]

Kurone Ichiro - [As the president of Aiko's fan club Sora is extremely suspicious of Ichiro's relationship with Aiko. Sora first meets Ichiro during Ichiro's first day at Yusei and coincidently they are in the same class. Though Ichiro acts cold towards Sora because of his changing serious to fan-boy attitude, he soon opens up to him and they become friends.]


  • Sora doesn't particularly allude to any fairytale character.
  • He has the most nicknames out of all the characters from the series, particularly about his glasses.
  • Etymology
    • Koizumi - Small, Spring; Fountain
    • Sora - Sky


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