Lady Mipha Upper Body
Koide Kiyoko
Koide Kiyoko
AliasLady Mipha
TitleCreator of Azure Pretty Cure
Birthday DateMarch 20
Eye ColorAs Kiyoko: Dark sea green
Regular: Black
Hair ColorAs Kiyoko: Sea green
Regular: Black
Home PlaceWashington, USA

Koide Kiyoko (小出清子 Koide Kiyoko) is the pen name of Lady Mipha. Her full name is Koide Kiyoko Sani (小出清子サニー Koide Kiyoko Sanī), with Sani being her real American middle name. In the USA, her name would be written out as Kiyoko Sani Koide, just to make it easier for others.



Koide: Koide comes from Japanese 小 (ko) "small" and 出 (ide or de) "rising."

Kiyoko: When Kiyoko is spelled in kanji, I chose kanji meaning 清 (kiyo) meaning "clear" and 子 (ko) meaning "child".

Sani: Sani is the English word sunny translated into a name. Sunny is Lady Mipha's real middle name.

Altogether, her name means small rising clear child.


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