Title Episode# Villain
Prologue 01 Void
When Hajime suddenly wakes up one night, a mysterious monster appears...
Shining Star 02 Void
After five fairies appear, Hajime discovers the power of PreCure...
Festival 03 Void
Sakutaro, Hajime’s best friend, transforms when a Denizen almost defeats Cure Espoir.
With Boundless Energy 04 Void
When Void attacks a baseball game, Matsuri and Espoir have the lower-hand, until the captain of the team transforms into Cure Pinky and defeats him.
Firewall 05 Rosa
Hajime is tasked with tutoring the school’s infamous gang leader, Hiroto, and the two are immediately at odds. Following Void’s near defeat, a new villain, Rosa, attacks. When her power proves to be too much for the three Cures to defeat on their own, Hiroto transforms.
Pleiades 06 Elyon
After his losing streak, Elyon gives Void an ultimatum: kill Cure Espoir, or be killed himself. The four Cures manage to quickly purify Void, who is revealed to be Hajime’s missing brother, Reito.
Pure White Wings 07 Rosa
Rosa, once again too powerful for the Cures, attacks. Reito transforms into the fifth and final PreCure, Cure Wing.
Panic! At the School Dance 08 Rosa
The dance that Sakutaro has been stressing over is near. Hajime gets more requests for advice on Sakutaro than usual, which makes him feel depressed, as he feels that a lot of the girls who ask him for advice have a better chance at winning Sakutaro over. In a surprise turn of events, Sakutaro asks Hajime to be his date, despite the school’s tradition of the SC president to reveal who their date is in front of everyone. Rosa shows up, which sends Sakutaro into an unusual fit of rage. Matsuri receives the Matsuri Sword, and defeats the Denizen with his new attack: Sakura Vortex.
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