Kirishima Shouta
きりしま しょうた
Kirishima Shōta
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceNijimikushi
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuShimazaki Nobunaga

Kirishima Shouta (きりしま しょうた Kirishima Shōta) is a secondary character on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. He's the cures kouhai and vice student council president.


Shouta has light brown hair which a bit long and messy. He got dark brown eyes.


Shouta is very diligent and hard worker. He always ready to help Sakura in student council works. But, he also worries too much. He's also very respectful and nice to his upperclassmens.


Vice Student Council President

When he just enrolled the school, he bumped into Sakura who is his upperclassmen on his way to school. Sakura was chasing the bus but the bus already left. He saw that her bag was opened and one of the book was fallen. He picked it up and gave it to her. She thanked him and quickly run. He offered her a ride to school since he know that they must be from the same school. He didn't know that Sakura was his upperclassmen. They talked about a lot of things on their way to school. When he asked her what class is she in, he's surprised to know that she's his senior. He apologized if he said something rude. The next day, he was visited by Sakura at his class and she asked him if he want to be her vice student council president. He was pretty shocked. But after hearing her reason, he agreed.


He know that the time will soon come where Sakura left the student council. He actually wanted to work in the student council again. Then, he joined Sakura's "Student Council President Game" which is pretty weird. He actually didn't want to become the president because he might not know what to do. But after remembering his invitation to the student council, he finally knew why he love the student council. He wanted the school to be a happy and fun place but still based on rules. He said how he feels on the election and gain the position.


Hanano Sakura - His upperclassmen and his student council president which is very close to him

Yukimura Kiba - One of his closest classmates


  • He's one of the characters that will make appearance of the sequel
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