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Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure!
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Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure!
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Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure!
May contains Major Spoilers...
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Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure!
Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure! Official Roster
Kiratto Jueru Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorShiratori Makoto
Studio*Toei (Main)
  • Takara Tomy (Co-Studio)
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebuary 2033
Opening SongSTARDOM!! Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure!
Ending SongStarlight World! Kiratto Jewel
Series Info
  • Shoujo
  • Music
  • Adventures
  • Emotion
  • Happiness
  • Music

Kiratto Jewel Pretty Cure! (きらっとジュエルプリキュア!) is the upcoming installment that is made by Shiratori Makoto.

Main Characters

The Cures

  • Takayama Rosy (高山ロージー) - Leader of this team. Energetic, Happy-Go-Lucky and Curious girl that often dragged into things that is more friendly and her family runs a patisserie shop and has ability to find triats to make people shine. Her Alter Ego is Cure Glacé (キュアグレイス). The Jewel of Thrilling. Her theme Color is Pink.
  • Sakurai Lemon (櫻井レモン) - Head strong cheerleader who loves sports and make everyone cheer, she hates studies even though she will get good grades or not. She like making jokes. Most people called her "The Queen of Sports". Her Alter Ego is Cure Booster (キュアブースター). The Jewel of Courage. Her theme Color is Yellow.
  • Mizuboshi Aqua (水星アクア) - A calm and serious but friendly and kind girl that is a Student Council president who is a 100% study master due to her perfect grades. She is a School Idol with her unique smile. Her Alter Ego is Cure Puzzle (キュアパズル). The Jewel of Tender. Her theme Color is Blue.
  • Akami Scarlet (赤みスカーレット) - A tsundere but popular and charming idol who has a bright smile. She likes that she feels that she's rich and has a good model. She can be rude and childish but kind who is insecured. Her Alter Ego is Cure Waltz (キュアワルツ). The Jewel of Justice. Her theme Color is Red.
  • Midorino Peridot (緑のペリドット) - A Tomboyish cool girl with her Rock' N Roll style just like her. She had to keep herself from Shadows. She had to make sure she stop others from Escaping. Her Alter Ego is Cure Tune (キュアチューン). The Jewel of Passion. Her theme Color is Green.
  • Murasakina Lilac (紫なライラック) - An Energetic and Cheerful girl that can greet everyone with happinness who loves sweets. But she can gluttous. Many People called her "The Empress of Sweets" due to her sweets fan. Her Alter Ego is Cure Cosmical (キュアコスミカル). The Jewel of Knowledge. Her theme Color is Purple
  • Hikawa Aurous (氷川アウラス) - An Cute and greatful girl that makes everything peaceful with the word "Cute" after a amazing Performance. She is also famous Star who potrays during the movie potrayal. Her Alter Ego is Cure Adorable (キュア愛らしい). The Jewel of Happiness. Her theme Color is Gold.
  • Kuromi Onyx (黒クロミオニキス) - A Boyish, quite type who is passionate at dancing when it comes out. She came for her desire to be cool like her brother. She was a Hard Worker and Competitive when idol stage came out. Her Alter Ego is Cure One-Step (キュアワンステップ). The Jewel of Pure. Her theme Color is Black.
  • Shirogaki Pearl (白城垣パール) - A Elegant and Beautiful Girl that enjoys getting out in public and check out something that interest her. Mostly Young Idols. Overflowing her confidience and poise due to her many aspire she was. Her Alter Ego is Cure Dear (キュアディア). The Jewel of Hope. Her theme Color is White.
  • Nijino Opal (虹のオパール) - A Shy, quiet girl who keeps things herself. When Approached or Confronted by someone, she decided to Run away. When her enemies tries to steal her jewel, she manages to transform into Cure Prism (キュアプリズム). The Jewel of Friendship. Her theme Color is Red, Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.

Legendary Cures

Spectrum Kingdom

Rainbow Town


  • Catalclysm Empire  - The Antagonist's Hometown where they had to destroy the jewels when they conquer.
  • Au'un (暗雲) - Series' Main Antagonist. She is a empress of all the disastrous natures who want to conquer all of the planets for all of them.
  • Tsunami (津波) -
  • Tatsumaki (竜巻) -
  • Hisame (氷雨) -
  • Kasairyu (火砕流) -
  • Nimbus (ニンバス) -



Official Poster

The Cures

Legendary Cures



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I Don't own any characters from the series, because it was belongs to Kiratto Pri Chan. If I will rename them.

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