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SeasonStarry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure
Home PlaceCosmic Galaxy
First AppearanceStCLPC02
Pretty Cure partnerAkiyama Keira

Kirary (キラリー?) is one of the two main mascots of Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure. She is the fairy born from the soul of the Past Cure Forever. Most of her sentences end with "~ri."



Kirary looks similar to a cub and is referred to as such by people other than the Pretty Cures.



  • Akiyama Keira - Kirary is Keira's partner fairy. In episode 8, Keira really tried her best to cheer Kirary up and promised that she will be able to return to the Cosmic Galaxy when they defeat the Wicked Galactica.
  • Fujiwara Aria - Being a fairy for the Pretty Cures, Kirary and Aria appears to have a close bond even though they are not partners.





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