King Sutori

キングストーリー Kingu Sutōrī

Kingu Sutōrī
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Blue
Eye ColorDark Brown
Home PlaceFanciful Kingdom
RelativesQueen Peiji (wife)

Kuiru (eldest son)

Bukku (youngest son)

Theme ColorSky Blue
Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPC18
SeiyuuSatoshi Tsuruoka

King Sutori (キングストーリー Kingu Sutōrī) is a minor character of Fairytale Pretty Cure!. He is the king of Fanciful Kingdom, father of Bukku, and Kuiru, and is the husband of Queen Peiji. His full name is King Sutori Golden Light Sword (キングストーリーゴールデンライトソード Kingu Sutōrī Gōruden Raito Sōdo). He was captured by Kuroizado. He finished all of his sentences with "~sutu".


King Sutori is light blue-coloured with bright blue heart-shaped marking on the top of his dark brown eyes. He has a dual-blue four-point star on his forehead. King Sutori wears a golden crown and a dark blue cape with a red opal-shaped pendent. He has a grey mustache.


King Sutori is a proud, kind-hearted fairy with a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Even though he can be a bit bossy, he cares deeply for his family with a selfless heart for his people. Like his wife, King Sutori is also very forgiving and has a strong sense of wisdom and will always admit his faults.


Sutori: (ストーリー) is the Japanese pronunciation for "story".


  • King Sutori has Kuiru's colours
  • King Sutori has Bukku's physical appearance
  • King Sutori has a star mark like Bukku
  • King Sutori was trained by Hikaru in light magic
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