King Senri
千里 王
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceHigh Sky Kingdom
RelativesYukimura Aisu

Yukimura Tsubasa Yukimura Kiba Yukimura Subaru Queen Sora

Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!
SeiyuuHirakawa Daisuke

King Senri (千里 王 Senri-ō) is a supporting character on Majestic Pretty Cure! series. He's father of Yukimura Aisu.


He has blue eyes and blue hair. His hair is long and tied loose with a ring.


He's a very good king and a loving father. He always act fairly to all of his children. He always put his family and kingdom first rather than his own.


Yukimura Aisu - Aisu loves him very much. He really protect her because she's the only daughter of the kingdom. He loves to her Aisu's singing.

Yukimura Tsubasa - He always know Tsubasa got many other talents even though Tsubasa only slack and play around with no clear direction of what he want to become. He often help his father duties.

Yukimura Kiba - He trained Kiba personally for 1 year before he got to train as a knight for himself.

Yukimura Subaru - He and Subaru often together because Subaru is the one who often accompanied him if he had to go outside the country.



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